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  1. underthestars

    super soil

    Anyone know if I will be fine with just using super soil and some perlite to grow my autos, using minimum to no nutrients? If I do need to use nutrients does anyone have any beginner recommendations?
  2. underthestars

    Underground drying

    Im in the process of digging a hole thats 7 feet tall, to fit a wooden box into to dry my plants. Its going to be standard wood with nothing sprayed or coated on it because I dont want any chemicals on my plants. I will have it completely sealed off and light proof, Ill have it simply ventilated...
  3. underthestars

    underground water storage

    Anyone got any experience with burying a water container to support a off grid grow? Will the Ph get affected with no water moment/ fresh air, or will I be chillin?
  4. underthestars

    (newbie) Costal growing questions

    Im starting my first grow this year about half a mile from the coast in Socal and the spot gets a lot of fog and marine layer at the end of May through June that typically ends around 12-1 each day and then it is very sunny. Due to the strange weather it has been hard for me to find info on this...
  5. underthestars

    Deciding a container for strange climate

    This is going to be my first grow in Socal and I have a unique climate that I need some tips on what to use for the container. During the months im growing it will be foggy and a marine layer will be present until around 12-1 each day, for one to one and a half months of my grow. I am wondering...
  6. underthestars

    Effects of Fog and Marine layer in SoCal

    Its going to be my first grow this year in my new location in SoCal. Im planning on growing about a little bit more than half a mile from the beach in a nice sunny spot with an ocean breeze. In June-July there is lots of fog and a marine layer until 11/12 pretty much every day especially in...