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    Leavs and bud turning purple need help

    Hey guys it starting to get cold up north quebec and most of my buds and sum leavs are starting to get purple wondering if im loseing her and if not is she still smokeable gonna post a couple pics and the nutes im giving her
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    Do i feed every time i water

    Hey guys do i feed mutes for floraison every time i water wen budding?
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    Wat month does blueberry start budding

    Hi i was wondering wat month does blueberry start budding im in northern canada and its almost end of augest and still no sign of budding
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    Bloody grass hoper problem

    I found holes and more inspection i found tiny grass hopper i got this insectacide it sayds good for vegtables so probly ok for weed and was woundering cause my first time growing are the heads ok or lack of sun?
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    Feeding nutes?

    Hey guys wondering how many times a month should i feed my two out door plants to not get lock out befor flowering?
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    How many liters of water should i use

    I got 5 gallon buckets and wounderd how many liters of water should i give em not to over water em i give em 1.5 l each with 20 20 20 nutes is it enough or not?
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    10 52 10 for transplanting?

    I transplanted is it good to use 10 52 10 after?
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    is this a male??

    Hey was wondering im. In my 8 week of growing and saw these this morning not sure if its a male or not
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    Yellow spots on leafs??

    Got yellow spots started yesterday i dunt know if its nute diffect i gave em 10 10 10 last sunday and this week il skip a cycle heres soMe pics of em i cut the. Off just to be sure
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    Feeding plants

    Hey wanted to know couple things iv been useing 10 10 10 for feed and run off wen i feed should i wait till pot run almost dry to feed again and if yes should i repeat the process feed with 20% runoff? and is 20 20 20 good for ween its budding time?
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    Do i runoff every time i water

    Do.i runoff every time.i water 3 to 4 days
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    Blueberry strain leafs twisting?

    Has anyone grew blueberry and had leafs twist on them? Or is it another problem
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    Having trouble with my babes

    Having troubles with my babes grew fine i gave them 20 20 20 but i put the dose in one bottel and feed all 3 with the same bottle dunt know if its that or under watering yesterday i gave them a runoff but leafs were drooping befor watering cause promix was bone dry about 2 inches away from stem...