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  1. blueberrymilkshake

    Tm virus?

  2. blueberrymilkshake

    Coco, potting up from 2 to 6 gallon

    I've never repotted anything in coco. Plenty of other plants in soil, which is easy dry. Can't let coco dry, so do you guys have any tips to make it smooth?
  3. blueberrymilkshake

    Saved a twig, my first clone

    Was in water for about two weeks. Didn't change the water. Couldn't find my root hormone today. Planted straight in coco five minutes ago. She look ready to chop?
  4. blueberrymilkshake

    Want to make sure everyone is good

    Have you checked your plants in the last five minutes? If so, did you yell at them for not growing a foot since you checked them twelve minutes ago?
  5. blueberrymilkshake


    I got a lot of hairs, about 40 days old. I don't think it's a nanner but I'm a noob
  6. blueberrymilkshake

    supercropping and defoliation grade

    Day 31. Never done this before. I don't have my full grow sight yet. How's she look? :bigjoint: Thanks for looking. If I fucked 'er up, feel free to rip on me.
  7. blueberrymilkshake


    Indoor, coco, 2 gallon pot, 4 weeks from sprout tomorrow, staying in veg for a few more weeks. 50 oz 6.5ph water. Half one hr after lights on, half mid-lights-on (stays about 80-90% wet)
  8. blueberrymilkshake

    Sta green fertilizer (24-8-16) for veg

    Would this and calmag get me through veg in coco?
  9. blueberrymilkshake

    Barney's Liberty Haze FiRsT gRoW

    She's 8 inches out of the bucket, but I tied her down for a week and added coco when watering settled the medium. So it's probably closer to a foot of total growth, but she's tucked in nice n tight. Nothing fancy. Coco, castings, fish emulsion, molasses, coconut water, 6.5 pH water. Started...