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    Leamington greenhouses

    The light pollution has become so bad that the town council is changing night time light schedule. Sky is burple and sometimes 2700k spectrum. Aphria grows there. It is dificult to see great night viewing. Detroit was noticing the glare also. The area has some of Canada's biggest greenhouses. I...
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    Jacks/JR Peters in detroit

    Greetings from windsor side of the river. Any MI growers know where i can purchase jacks 5-12-26 or jr peters 5-11-26 in the Detroit area? Cost? Any help is appreciated. Cheers
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    Prep for outdoor/indoor 2020 seeds

    So what strains are fellow growers looking at for 2020? Keep in mind best fit for canadian conditions. I have 4 strains i have looking at. Both are considered high THC. 1. Purple Satellite - Green mountain genetics. 9-10w 20% thc september finish.. Mold resistant. Created for our weather. Seed...
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    Williams Trainwreck @hempdepot

    Seeds were bought spring 2018. 10 seeds $66cdn. Received 15. These were regular seeds. Tried germinating 10 in 2018 with paper towel.. Soaked in cup for 24 hours beforehand. 0/10 germinated. 2019 i tried last 5 seeds. 0/5. Bad batch of seeds. Stay clear if looking for trainwreck. I contacted...
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    Carry-on limits within canada

    So 30grams is the limit for rec use. What about cannabutter? 100ml? Or should i just make a batch of brownies and take 30gr with me? How much hash? Any experience with this from RIU cdn members?