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  1. Lazyeyez

    What is this problem with my fan leaves

    Some ppl asked if it’s being flushed but it’s not there is a plant flushing next to it tho
  2. Lazyeyez

    What is this and this plant is not flushing

    Some ppl asked if it’s being flushed but it’s not there is a plant flushing next to it tho
  3. Lazyeyez

    Does any one know where I can find quality beans in nothern cali area?

    I’ve been using greenpoint and i49 but I want some other genetics with more color leaning phenos if you guys use a seed bank which one?
  4. Lazyeyez

    Some people say don’t flush at all some say do?

    If you do when is your flushing window? If you don’t why not?
  5. Lazyeyez

    Had a talk at my hydroponics spot

    Safe to say I’ve been counting “bloom” wrong this whole time? When do you guys start counting bloom weeks as soon as 12/12 starts?
  6. Lazyeyez

    Back with an update the girls are looking mighty nice n frosty

    It’s the usual nutes only thing different is tribus bloom and amino acids were added in mammoth microbes and fish shit, molasses, bud blood, b52, nirvana, bud candy, overdrive, rhino skin and advanced nutes connoisseur 2 part bloom I also started adding a bud denser that says use last 3 weeks of...
  7. Lazyeyez

    Got my hands on one of these bad boys

    Really lighting up the canopy
  8. Lazyeyez

    Week 3 and they are thriving nicely

    Week 3 this was after feeding started adding B52 and nirvana as well as mamoth microbes and fish shit
  9. Lazyeyez

    Looking good

    All advanced nutes no cal mag
  10. Lazyeyez

    Update on the gals week 2 day 3 of flower

    The last one is gorilla breath still in week 1 of flower using connoisseur 2 part bloom with bud blood, big bud, fish shit, tribus and bud candy for now also have a co2 tank set up in there
  11. Lazyeyez

    Methods for maximum plant height

    This is like my third grow and height has been better than my last but I want a 5 footer or something how can I achieve this?
  12. Lazyeyez

    Not sure wth is goin on should I just harvest?

    Still trying to figure out what’s going on
  13. Lazyeyez

    Help plant lost smell during flowering look like it’s dying???

    Went to thd grow house after about 3 days temps was at 83.5 consistently because my brother and some 2 bitches was hotboxin all dam day anyways idk if it’s that or the smoke or the fact the I use water and a little peroxide to clean the roots I jus don’t know...should I be flushing as of now?
  14. Lazyeyez

    Back with an update and all my gals are flourishing Impressed

    In the flowering tent the northern lights auto (first pic) and macdawg(mac 1 x starfighter) is goin crazy grew a photo and auto together here are the results the macdawg is by green point seeds
  15. Lazyeyez

    What are these brown or burnt looking tips???

    Oh is correct nutes amount correct so what exactly is happening is this the result of ready to spray neem oil and insecticidal soap? Or is it light/heat stress
  16. Lazyeyez

    Neem oil accidentally spilled on my plant WTF!!!

    She’s flowering but Neem oil landed on some bud sites now look ‍♂️Is there a come back from this or clip those sites off
  17. Lazyeyez

    Update on the auto everytime I defoliate it comes right back

    I think she’s gonna flower soon from seed to now its week 6
  18. Lazyeyez

    Few days over a month and I started mainlining

    I lost track of the colas does it look like it will have 8 or 16? Lol I be too stoned man
  19. Lazyeyez

    Thursday will make one month on her when I can start anything as far as defoliating

    Or LST she’s been doing good off a seedling dose next feed I’m going aggressive also noticed it’s time for veg feed because the seedling dose of cal mag is starting to show small cal mag deficiency
  20. Lazyeyez

    She’s 3 weeks today and loving life =]

    Here she is