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  1. Three Berries

    Republican-Led Bill To Legalize And Tax Marijuana Emerges
  2. Three Berries

    Freedom of speech and personal attacks

    Is freedom of speech allowed here and what about personal attacks?
  3. Three Berries

    My 220v mistakes

    Shopping on the Aliexpress and not reading the fine Chinese print I ended up getting 4 220v FS LEDs. One is a 50w square white fan-less one. The other three were 'hibay' 80w strip LEDs on a rectangular reflector with no fan. So first problem was throw them away or make them work. The 80w...
  4. Three Berries

    What is the 'acceptable' CO2 level in the atmosphere?

    If 400ppm is too much what should it be?
  5. Three Berries

    Newbie here

    I'm new here but have about 4 years of indoor growing so far. This year is the first for two grow rooms for veg and flower. I've settle down to two plants at a time. Veg is a 32"x32"x60" tent. Flower is a converted closet in a closed off room. Fresh air coming in at the floor level and an...