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  1. KrazyKrisGames

    What will be the outcome?

    Okay, I will say this…. I’m subpar the newbie level. I literally have no idea what I’m doing. I am definitely trying to educate. However, the first plant is literally my test dummy. I just put the seeds in the soil and and wished it well. Now I am at a little over two months and it’s so short...
  2. KrazyKrisGames

    First plant ever

    Okay, please be kind. I’m still learning. How does this look for a little less than 2 months? I’ve began to cut the big leaves (with no other attachments) because this plant is ONLY getting sun from this window. Like I said, I’m still learning; so I just wanted to see how far this one would go.
  3. KrazyKrisGames

    So glad to be here

    Wow, what a community. Thank you for having me! Kristin here from Indiana (shh). Don’t count us out, we’re up next… Or I’m moving to AZ.. whichever comes first.