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    CobKits Black Friday sale - Luminus, Citizen, HLG, and more

    Black Friday Sale 2021 Luminus CXM22- $14 Citizen 1212 - $6 most colors Citizen 1212 30 packs - $150 HLG Diablo Boards - $105 HLG Rspec Boards - $65 HLG Bspec Boards - $65 Blowout on HLG Fixtures below cost - limited quantity at these prices HLG 350R $379 HLG 600 RSPEC $529 HLG 650R $729 HLG...
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    keep to myself and dont take new clones very often, and always quarantine. strain ive been running for a long time suddenly has what may be thrips? you can see the leaf damage (white spots and small black poop) isolated to just a few plants on the fan leaves this tan/brown one looks like it...
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    I got a bad batch of Jack's Part B (CaN)

    batch code 1040-11 (25 lb bags) i always make concentrates of 3-2-1 and dissolve the individual components into water before mixing them, at concentrations under 150g/gal for each component. in warm water they dissolve almost instantly with some stirring. this new bag of CaN fizzed when...
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    timer error- far red stayed on all night for a week

    was running 12/12 with 30 min of far red at end of day to try to shave a week just discovered (weak) far red was on for almost all of night for better part of week whats this gonna do? potential herms/reversal? whats it gonna do to harvest time? this was week 4-5 (didnt use far red before week 4)
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    LG unveils home automated gardening system

    cool tech. everyone can benefit from locally grown microgreens, etc. way healthier than the crap you buy in stores
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    please help ID these bugs

    pulled out some winter clothes from a room i was vegging in awhile back. have seen these once before hanging out on fan leaves, just a few, seemed harmless at the time i have a feeling they came in with some cuts when i squish them they have a distinct smell that i cant quite put my finger on...
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    plant suddenly wilts mid-flower

    ive seen this a handful of times in the last few years, in the middle of a cycle where one plant out of many suddenly wilts and dies. Entire plant is affected, starting with the fan leaves this is in rockwool (pargro 6x6x4 which is pretty quick draining), flooded on a table twice a day, EC and...
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    is there a cheaper replacement for milwaukee combo probe SE600?

    i know there are some people here who buy the $5 pH electrodes for benchtop meters from the dozen from alibaba i love my milwaukee MW802 combo meter but teh SE 600 probes dont last for shit even when stored properly in KCl the pH meter lasts less than year. i even see other amazon users saying...
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    foliar feeding w/kelp prior to taking cuttings

    ive seen this mentioned to increase vigor and decrease rooting time- whats a good product for this? something like maxicrop ideally? (im in hydro and dont like messy organic products) how soon before cutting? any other tips? thanks!
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    safe range of calmag

    starting to cool down, first frost here over the weekend. i want to supplement with CalMag to avoid issues i had last winter say you have a typical 'balanced' nute mix of say 50 ppm Mg and 100 ppm Ca. and say finished EC is around 1.8. most of Ca in that mix is from CaN and most of the Mg is...
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    Calcium Hypochlorite [Ca(ClO)2] dosage

    i mixed up some homebrew clear rez last year, fortunately i wrote 1g/gal on the bottle. If i recall, this was basically a concentrate and cant remember what the safe dosage is for cloner and/or ebb and flow res. thanks
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    Man i hate these Harbor Freight/ Hydrofarm digital timers

    you know the ones. square with the round raised center portion had another one fail on me this morning- 3 week s into flower and a few were wilted, will prob have root damage my 30 year old intermatic sprinkler timer still works like the day i bought it Avoid these like the plague
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    i dont often get political, but this could literally be the end of this site and all the others as long as cannabis is federally illegal
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    remote phosphor grow lights

    IF they can improve efficiency 25% over close-phosphor lamps as they claim that will be significant
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    dont miss out on the best new artist in the last 2 decades
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    Trying to up my cloning game

    for many years i would take successful cuts into 1.5" cubes and be 90%+ successful in 10-21 days, by following the old Ed lore/wisdom of: -dont fertilize with N right before cutting (id throw em on a bloom nute for a few days) -take lower slightly woody branches -2-3 node cuttings root the best...
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    stray current/ COBs staying lit

    a customer is having this issue, i remember reading about it way back when but cant remember the cause 6 citi 1212s on a meanwell 320-1400
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    ASABE publishes new horti standard, includes UV and far red
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    need rec on cheap reliable pond pump for ebb flow and drippers

    im tired of going to home depot and finding out they changed their suppliers every year and i cant buy the same model pump i had last year. so i end up with a hodgepodge of different models i want to clean house and buy a half dozen of the same pumps, nothing fancy, just need a simple cleanable...