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  1. TwitchVee

    Where are my Hoosiers at?

    The incredible Twitch, at your service. (;
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    week 6/10 flow healthy Cal-mag or leaf it?
  3. TwitchVee

    question about THC carts/ ordering/

    I live in a state where we don't have legal bud, but we've been flooded with THC cartridges for a decade. I was just wondering if there's a legit place to order them and have them shipped without worries about mail busts? No way all these guys are driving out of state and selling them for $25...
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    These are actually just a few different grows where I took pictures of my screw-ups, but I thought i'd introduce myself and let everybody know i'm real. (;
  5. TwitchVee

    Lumber Jack Seed Source- par excellence

    Just wanted to let anyone looking know, after dealing with literally dozens of so-called breeders and 'banks', I finally found two worth a damn. (no, not ILGM. Stay away from them). Lumber Jack Seed Source. These guys made my day. My year, even. I've ordered from ILGM(fuck them), attitude...
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    So the buying was bad. Seeds were dying, one wasn't even pot. tried to get replacements, got banned instead for leaving a 3 star review. Family tried to contact them- they got banned, too. ILGM could care less. and here I am a month in and my photoperiods are throwing hairs after a month under...