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  1. Merica_Mike

    Preflowers in Veg

    I have a clone that is showing pistols on a few nodes. It is currently under 400w hps and is about a month old. Its currently on a photo period of 16 hours on 8 off. My question is: Is it normal for my plant to show preflowers with this many hours of light? Or is this just a sign that she is...
  2. Merica_Mike

    Ballast Identification

    I have this Digital Electronic Ballast For 400w HPS and MH lamps. I can't seem to find any pictures of it online or even what the brand is. I even searched the model number only to come up with slightly different versions of it. I have a couple questions if anyone on here is familiar with them I...
  3. Merica_Mike

    Harry Kush Clone From LaConte's Clone Bar and Dispensary in Denver

    So I got this clone from LaContes Dispensary in Denver. Harry Kush is the strain if the clone. It came in a rockwool cube and I planted it directly into a small pot with fox farms ocean forest mix. I have it under a 400 watt hps. But I wasn't sure how it would take to the his because its been...