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  1. ruderalis88

    Flying with coke

    does anyone remember sherbet fountains? Theyre basically a tube of white sherbet with a liquorice stick to dip in it. Think it would work to fill that bad boy up with cocaine and get on a flight, plain as day? Seriously considering trying it out!
  2. ruderalis88

    UK - Sir Ian Gilmore Calls For Decriminalisation Of Drugs

    Basically that's the story...Gilmore is the president of the Royal College of Surgeons, and has said that he sees more damage to drugs users as a result of the criminality of drugs than of the drug itself. I won't bother repeating the articles but read on, MacDuff...
  3. ruderalis88


    so i got my hair cut today and as usual it sent me back to thinking hey, why don't i do dreadlocks? i know they take a while to grow in properly but i don't know much else. who has them on here, who likes them who loathes them and who thinks what else? NB: i'm white and a mother...but i'll be...
  4. ruderalis88

    Who's Used This Portable Vape And What's It Like?

    This little portable vapouriser, the Ubie, i'm considering getting one they're not exactly pricey but i'd like some opinions first! Anyone got any experience with one of these wee guys? cheers
  5. ruderalis88


    oh yes oh yes it's that time of year again, the weather is finally good enough to be outside continuously. Let this be the thread of general camping banter, anecdotes, nostalgia, excitement and anticipation. Now, when i say camping i don't mean like your hard core proper wilderness hiking...
  6. ruderalis88


    so i had a small case of the munchies and i got to thinking how ace sandwiches are. they're amazing. there must be a lot of experience with strange combos on a site for tokers and growers so let's be having ya; what are the best sandwich fillings of all time? now there's nothing wrong with a...
  7. ruderalis88

    Drunk 4-year old Steals Christmas

    Drunk 4 year old kid steal presents from his neighbours house. Kid's mother is a heffer.
  8. ruderalis88

    Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be

    right, what did there used to be when you were a kid that doesn't exist any more? What were the mad crazes that died out and haven't been seen since? I miss Lucky Charms, they still do em in the US but not in the UK anymore! Also this stuff called Cremola Foam i think, you put a spoonful in a...
  9. ruderalis88

    Attention UK Tokers - Legalisation Petition

    Sup my fellow ganja lovers. This is the petition to legalise cannabis in the UK. It's on the 10 Downing Street official website. It's not a scam. It asks for your postcode so if you actually have an indoor grow op at home i'd recommend using a false one, your old house or something...
  10. ruderalis88


    Any one else really hate wimbledon? it's so rude how it takes over otherwise decent TV channels every year. ditto big brother, snooker, the olympics, winter olympics, commonwealth games, darts etc. they should just open a new channel for the duration, i HATE having to watch sports i don't care...
  11. ruderalis88

    just dropped in

    well hello there! been kickin' about on here for a while, thought i should say an official 'sup'. sup? already learned loads from you guys and dolls so thank you all for that, and lookin forward to learning more. on my second grow; 1 in soil, day6 flowering, 400w hps and 1 ganja dwarf in the...