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    New grow room 3m height

    I'm moving into a new grow room in a couple of months and gaining a lot of extra space and most importantly height. I like the idea of growing on shelves multiple tiers with strip LEDs on each tier. Been reading about looking for ideas but I only tend to see soil grows? Ideally I'd like to...
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    Considering growing some mushrooms

    I'm curious as to how it would turn out but I have a question Am I right in thinking that as long as everything is kept clean theoretically I would only ever have to buy spores once? So once I have some mushrooms growing I just add more substrate for the fungi to grow into?
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    Always overwatering seeds in hydro

    I rarely start from seed but every now and then I bulk buy a pack of seeds to change my strain up a bit. I always get a set back when I first place my rapid rooters in my hydro system as the water splashes the hydroton and then wicks up and saturates the rapid rooters. I can’t manually water...
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    Jiffy/rockwool/rapid rooter automatic watering

    Has anyone seen any automatic watering systems for jiffy pucks or similar? And had any experience with them? I plan on starting loads of seeds in jiffy pucks in the future and want to eventually automate the first 2-3 weeks of seeds in the pucks. Just not sure on the best method of determining...
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    Low nitrogen calmag

    I’ve been looking for a low nitrogen calmag and I’ve read old posts on here people recommending gh calimagic and that it’s not got nitrogen. im in Europe and the gh brand seems to be all GHE and the calimagic is called GHE CALCIUM MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT here’s a pic. it doesn’t tell me what...
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    Joining loads of aluminium box

    Excuse the shite drawing but here is a little layout of my box sections I plan on joining together as a frame to hold all my f strips . f strips will be mostly on air - but edges on the box frame. looked into renting a welder but seems too annoying to have to use argon gas / a vacuum chamber...
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    MEAN WELL HVGC-1000 1000W Constant Power Mode

    Anyone had any experience or know anything about these drivers? I’m thinking of using them to power my Samsung f series strips And also my own custom strips of Cree far red and royal blue Am I understanding the driver correct when I think the driver will automatically provide the correct...
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    Cree x lamp Xp e2

    I’m struggling to understand this datasheet. it shows the voltage going up as the current goes up. So it looks like at 1000ma the voltage is around 3v would would suggest max wattage or 3w each. is this correct? if so would I...
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    Diffusing essential oils to prevent bud rot

    Does anyone else do this? Ive been doing it a few runs now and never had any rot since I started. This last run I just finished I really put a lot of trust into my diffuser and I didn’t prune any leaves off my bushy plants. Hundreds of leaves overlapping I just let them go. Just finished the...
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    making my own nutes

    Ive been playing around with nute calculators sourcing local dry fertilizers and trying to perfect the ratios I want and I was wanting to use some that are supposedly completely insoluble in water. According to Wiki. Such as Calcium carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, magnesium phosphate. GH Bloom...
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    Diy flood trays

    Anyone have any input into diy flood trays? I am wanting to build flood trays 14ft long 4ft wide. Was planning on have osb for the base and 2 x 6s for the sides. I’ve bought some fiberglass kits thats sold for ponds. I was planning on using this but then I read that fiberglassing is hard and...
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    Light winch

    Anyone got any advice as to how to setup or design a winch to lower a light fixture that would be 4m long and 1m wide all at once without having to adjust several strings? Cheers
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    Mag/calcium deficiency?

    I’ve been battling this deficiency for weeks now and I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s causing it. My last run using veg+bloom nutrients was the best run I’ve ever had, best aroma, yield, and taste. Crystals were out of this world and not a single deficiency all the way through...
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    36v striplight?

    Anyone able to recommend a good striplight that comes in 36v? I still have loads of spare 600h-36b drivers that I want to use. None of the sammy strips come in 36v unfortunately
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    How to spec a humidifier

    My grow room is now sealed with co2 and I have dual hose portable ac units going. At the beginning stages of growth the plants aren’t producing enough water vapor for me to get vpd in range. My ac unit says in the description “max dehumidification 1.3l/h” I have 3 of these ac units. Do I...
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    New nft system I’m testing out

    I’ve never used rock wool before or nft. I just got this NFT system for free to test out so I figured I’d give it a go . If it works out I may use it for my mother plants going forward. For anyone experienced with Rockwool or nft are my blocks too wet? The water is sucking up maybe about a...
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    Samsung q series

    Can I get away with thin aluminium sheet metal for running these or u channels? I’ll be running them at about 10-15w per I think
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    Veg room redesign ideas

    What would you guys recommend as the best system for a veg room. I have a sealed grow room, the veg room has limited space and height. I plan to keep the clones in here for 2 weeks or so after rooting and move the net pot straight to the flower system. I’m considering food and drain but not...
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    Blue lab guardian monitor

    Anyone able to help me out with the name of the power connector I need for a blue lab guardian monitor? Snapped my old cable in two so need a replacement Ordered a dc power adapter off amazon with the same amps and volts but the connector isn’t the same as the old one.
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    Ac exhaust pipe

    I’ve got an issue with my portable acs over heating. Currently got an extended run of 6 inch pipe with a booster fan but it’s just not enough. I can’t get a rigid pipe any bigger than 6 inch without literally costing nearly a 1000 usd here... it’s a rip off. But I can get 10 inch flexible...