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    Any idea on yield?

    4 weeks into flower. Just wanting some guesses to see if the end result would be worth it with electric cost and all that. Also had a 3rd main cola and my light fell and snapped it off like 3 days ago.... light is a Mars hydro 1000
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    Premature pistils? Need help!

    Ok all the general info. Had gurilla grow and had to remove and finish out inside for the first time. The strain is bag’s just bag seed. Soil is what it had around it. Anyways didn’t really mark when it started to flower but I’m thinking around 3 weeks. And the box fan I have on it is...
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    Need advice first indoor grow.....

    Okay sorry I advance alittle long story... I had a gurilla grow next to a creek bed with 3 plants was doing great soil was pretty loose and sandy but they seemed to love it. But started seeing some neighbors kids kinda often decided to dig up so ordered a 1000wat budget light to try to finish...