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    Least favourite strain

    You always see people asking about whats your fave strain well i thought we would do it a little different whats some strains you hate and why ? Il start barneys farm tangerine dream and ghs Kalashnikova i hate the tangerine dream cos its weak af and only 1 pheno i tried out of hundreds was...
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    Lemon thai

    Hi everyone i was just curious what people know about this strain i know its a sativa dominant hybrid from back in the day supposedly old thai x Hawaiian genetics if anyone knew a little more that be awesome to hear about it? :bigjoint:
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    Quick question

    If you cross a semi auto strain to a auto is the resulting progeny gonna be auto dominant or will there still be a mix thanks in advance :bigjoint:
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    Friesland indica (m33)

    Just curious if anyone here ever did this strain indoors rather than outside ?
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    Scorpion crew seeds

    Anyone ever tried there seeds I was specifically interested in there garlic bud x cheese but cant really find much info on that strain or them for that matter ?
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    anybody tried 1p-lsd if so any good ?