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  1. gardenofisle

    Pre flowers help

    Im 60% sure that these are male flowers, but I want to ask you guys if I am correct. Jordan of the Island Black Candyland.
  2. gardenofisle

    Bodhi Strains in high temps

    Hi Im venturing to bodhi seeds now. I was wondering what strains do they have that grows well in high temps? Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated
  3. gardenofisle

    Weird looking buds problem

    hey guys i just want to ask some advice so i’ll not experience this to my next grow. why does the bud structure look odd on this one? i had other plants that look perfectly normal (dense and round) but this one in particular looks very thin. About 10% of trics are amber so i know there wont be...
  4. gardenofisle

    Drying in a Tropical Climate

    I just harvested my plant and was wondering how many days should I hang dry my plant (whole)? My temperature is 80-82f (There’s no way for me to install a/c since I am using my bathroom with exhaust) and 50-60% rh. I know I will lose some terpene profile, please give me advice!