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  1. ebcrew

    Need some help with this problem

    These are lip smacker by exotic genetix. About 5 days into 12/12. Coco in 1 gal pots (transplanted 2 weeks ago) 850ppm gH trio and calmag feeding everyday 5.6-6.2 pH 55% rH 75-82 degrees So I was feeding until I flipped to 12/12 .5tsp (2.4mL) calmag .5tsp (2.4mL) grow .5tsp (2.4mL) micro .25...
  2. ebcrew

    Buffered Coco and PPMs has me confused.

    Background: I've always grown in soil, however I have 5 plants going in a coco base. Its made by a local dirt company and he says it is especially made for cannabis. Its 50% coco coir, 20% Florida peat, 30% perlite. Also has some gypsum, dolomite and turf pro (humic acid, trace elements, and...
  3. ebcrew

    Nitrogen Deficiency too early in flower?

    This is a Sherbert by seed stockers. I have two of them going, in the same conditions but this is the only one showing deficiency. Soil is OF/HF with dry amendments. EWC, 4-4-4, flower girl, fish bone meal, and kelp meal. pH on this plant is 6.5 measured with bluelab soil pen Watering pH'd...
  4. ebcrew

    Seed Stockers?

    So this is really odd. I received a package today from the UK. Thought it was some parts i ordered for my dyson v6. It wasnt, it was a tshirt and a package of seeds i never ordered. The company is called seed stockers and they sent me a strain called sherbert. Has anyone ever grown their...
  5. ebcrew

    Anyone using recharge having pH issues?

    Does anyone here use recharge? I ask because I am having some serious pH issues in my organic soil grow. It seems after using recharge my pH of soil has dropped to 5.3. This is causing some serious phosphorus issues among others. Then again it might be something completely different, I am super...
  6. ebcrew

    My Auto Dilemma

    I have 3 Autos going right now all different strains and all different ages. One of the strains, Ginger Punch Auto by Kannabia is 7 weeks old from seed and has not yet flowered. Not even a single pistil. Now the Bubba kush i have is 3 weeks into flower, and the skittles is 2 weeks into flower...
  7. ebcrew

    Need a soil pH pen, bluelab out of stock

    Seems like bluelabs items are out of stock. So i ordered through growace. After a month they said they were out of stock. Ive also tried ordering through amazon at the beginning of covid-19 and they wanted a month wait time, and then seems like they went out of stock also. MY question is there...
  8. ebcrew

    Autos and Photos Together, Lighting Question

    I have 3 autos and 1 photo in a tent right now, under 18/6 lighting. The autos have started flowering already and 2 are done stretching. So my question is if I switched to 12/12 to have the photo flower also will I be missing out on growth and yield on the autos?
  9. ebcrew

    New growth twisted

    New growth is twisted, am I over thinking things or is this the beginning of a problem? Soil: FFOF/HF amended with 4-4-4 all purpose, EWC, kelp meal, and fish bone meal Lights: SF1000 and a HLG 135 V2 dimmed 81° / 45% RH Strain: Zkittles og Auto Water: When pot feels light 6.8 pH tap water...
  10. ebcrew

    Zativo Seeds???

    I was searching the internet and doing some grow research and randomly came across this website I was reading their blog and then came across they have a nice selection of seeds. I've never heard of them, not even a single mention. I searched RIU and nothing. Has anyone heard or...
  11. ebcrew

    Turfpro.. Anyone have experience with it?

    I have a medium mix from a commercial soil manufacturer. It consists of... 50% Coco coir 20% peat 30% perlite 5 lbs/yd3 gypsum 18 lbs/yd3 turfpro 6 lbs/yd3 dolomite So I'm like wtf is turf pro. I looked it up and it has all sorts of amendments, beneficial bacteria, humic, fulvic, etc.. I'm...
  12. ebcrew

    Dechlorinating water methods, vitamin c?

    I have some organic soil going. Using RO water isn't any good and my tap water is consistently 250ppm with a high pH of 8.7 ( pH is another story). While waiting on a water report from the city what can I do to dechlorinate the water. Some people say leave it out over night but I've been...
  13. ebcrew

    Deficiency or something else?

    bubba Kush Auto Was on 12/12 with my photos (why I figured it was stunted) until a week ago switched to 18/6 Soil is a mix of happy frog and ocean forest with EWC, all purpose 4-4-4, kelp meal, and fish bone meal Watering with RO water un pH'd
  14. ebcrew

    Any smart people How do i measure wattage with multimeter?

    I know it's volts x amps but where am I connecting my probes? I'm trying to measure wattage on an led light with mean well driver.
  15. ebcrew


    I just received some recharge, heard good things about it so I'll try it. Question is can I use it with GH nutes at the same time. Or should I water with recharge then next dry period water with nutes. Also if anyone has good success with this or opinions I'd like to hear it
  16. ebcrew

    Yellowing of leaves after transplant

    Ok so plants are in 2nd week of flower. They were started into happy frog and I had to transplant them 4 days ago into bigger containers which was ocean forest. I haven't fed any nutes except for calmag 5ml per gallon every watering. Looking like nitrogen deficiency right? My question is...
  17. ebcrew

    Drying in low humidity

    Any tips on drying in low humidity. My humidity is usually between 35-40% For what it's worth I live in a high humidity climate but my air conditioning system does its job a little too well in removing humidity.
  18. ebcrew

    Nitrogen toxicity?

    Growing in soil, started in MG (solo cup) then transplanted to happy frog Nutrients: None, but 5ml per gallon calimagic every watering. ~900ppm Temps ~77, Rh ~55 Switched to flower 4 days ago PH 6.7 So plant is showing all the signs of N tox, dark leaves, weak stems, and few but some...
  19. ebcrew

    Your judgement on this problem

    Spider farmer sf 1000 (2x2x4) 18" from canopy 2 plants both Jack Herer (sprouted December 2nd) Soil: all purpose Garden soil by miracle grow in solo cups (I know it's all I had at the moment) however transplanted into happy frog Transplanted from solo cups into happy frog on Dec 20. pH of...
  20. ebcrew

    Root aphids

    Man at first I thought they were fungus gnats but then while trying to identify gnats I come across a side by side picture of a gnat and a winged root aphid. And now I'm more confused if this is a root aphid. I managed to picture a dead one. Can anyone confirm my suspicions and what can I do to...