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    Plant leaning completely over

    Hello everyone, unfortunately I had to stay away from my house for 5 days entrusting my babies to my roommate who like a jerk forgot to water them and check on them. Last night I came home and the most beautiful and largest I found it bent and one part leaned against the wall and another part is...
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    Irrigation system. Help

    hi everyone, in mid-January I will start a cycle of about 20 plants in 11 lt pots each and, since I know it will become difficult to get to the plants further down, I was looking for a method to give water to my girls not continuously but only when I decide. I found around kits to assemble which...
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    Top plant (new growth) yellowing

    hello, it's been a while since I've been starting to notice a yellowing of the leaves on top of the plant .. can you tell me what it could be?
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    The whole plant is yellowing

    Hello, a strange thing is happening to me in my grow room ... basically one of my 4 plants (same strain, same soil and same water) has become completely a very bright light green color, almost yellow, and I started to notice purple veins between the leaves. I just can't understand what it is due...