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  1. DrKiz

    Canada growmies! Mephisto drop in less than two hours!

    Oh yeah Illuminado drop! Wake up! Grab coffee! Puff puff let’s go baybee!!!!!!! Ok guys like 80 minutes to drop. Get em while you can. Sold out by 11:15? 11:30? Better have an account already or you may not get your beans you wanted. I’m all over that Pinot Noir, sweet n Smelly and...
  2. DrKiz

    Russian scandal

    @hanimmal I was just checking into Twitter and searched Russian scandal to try to get more information on election tampering. Is my Twitter being manipulated by Russia? Is this a hoax? I'm pretty confused right now, is the Director of National Intelligence a Russian spy or is this all fake...
  3. DrKiz

    Coco DTW multi strain issues

    Hi, the run was going well. Had a mag deficiency that corrected. Maybe over corrected. PH 5.8-6.0 EC 1.4 O.3 calmag 0.9 megacrop O.2 sweet candy Temp 78-80 Humidity 60-70 They were looking great and then a few started looking like they do. Two plants look great. Is light stress or...
  4. DrKiz

    Low EC run off DTW coco

    Ok, hate to ask but want to make sure of what’s going on here. First run drain to waste in coco. One tent multi strain photos. Other tent multi strain autos. Both tents under quantum’s. 80 degree ish. Running 100-150ppm cal mag topped up to 600-650ppm with megacrop. 1.2-1.3 Ec. There’s a...
  5. DrKiz

    Prerolls Canada

    Prerolls suck. They run. Burn black. Canna 16 prerolls has been ok. But tweed crackles and pops and burns black. Heavy fert plants, rushed, salts with no flush. Legal weed (grow yer 4) as of today is sub par. Sep 16,2019.
  6. DrKiz

    Autoflower LED grow

    Popped these Autoflower beans 3 weeks ago and coming along nicely for my legal grow. We have: Sweet Seeds: Cream Mandarine and Green Poison XL Canuck: Sweet Tooth and Cheese (The skull has a Cheese too) 420 FastBuds: Cream Cookies and Zkittlez. Growing under two 200 watt Epistar 5500k...
  7. DrKiz

    Hi from Canukistan!

    Hi! Long time lurker here! From Canada and decided to join as they finally legalized Cannabis and I can grow again!!! Doing it up good in the Great White North! Just got a 9 x 5 and gonna fill it up with the help and inspiration of all y'all here! Thanks for having me!