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  1. Abucks

    2k watt AK47 pheno hunt

    So first day (transplant day) of my ak47 pheno hunt. Not doing a scrog this round, but more of a modified support scrog. Reusing my coco so we shall see how it goes. Got two new 4×4 tables, and a drip system ordered. Also ordered an autopiolet master greenhouse controller. 8 plants total, 4...
  2. Abucks

    DYI kief box

    Anybody else use kief a kief box? Built this prototype for $29 and an hour labor. Inside dimensions are 23-1/2" × 11-1/2". The screen is 150 micron stainless steel. Looking to make a couple more out of nicer wood.
  3. Abucks

    1:1.5 coco test results

    Anybody out there doing a 1:1.5 soil test on their coco grow? I'd be curious as to your results. I've been doing them since the beginning of this grow. It's hard to find any info on what your results should be throughout the grow. I'm running the canna coco nutes and straight canna coco. Feeding...
  4. Abucks


    Hello all. I've been on a high brix kick for the last few days. Lots of info out there on how to increase brix in a soil grow, not so much for a coco grow. My question is, anybody out there have experience with high brix in coco? I'm currently running canna coco with canna coco a/b, rhyzo, and...
  5. Abucks

    2k querkle scrog

    Thought I'd share this grow. Started with 8 querkle clones rooted in one liter pots. My set is as follows. 2- 1k matrix ballast 2- sun systems lowpro hoods with 8" ducting and a vortex fan. 1- ideal air 12,000 BTU AC 1- 70 pint GE dehumidifier 1- 50 Pound co2 tank with regulator 8- 15...
  6. Abucks

    Canna coco

    Hello all. I've been growing in soil for a few years now, and I've decided to switch to canna coco natural with canna coco nuts. Any tips for growing in coco would be great.