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  1. Hugo Phurst

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    This is why Police have hand-to-hand combat trainingo_O
  2. Hugo Phurst

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Backhanded Complements Yes I was in a movie. No I am not Sarra Jessica Parker Roses are red. Violets are blue. Horses that lose races are turned into glue. My Doctor told me that I'm as healthy as a 25 year old. A 25 year old what, she didn't say.
  3. Hugo Phurst


    Yes.......But, a self-pollinated plant will produce a high percentage of herm seeds.
  4. Hugo Phurst

    Are they gone after transplant

    All you can do at this point is wait and see. Good luck
  5. Hugo Phurst

    I hate gnats …

    Diatomaceous earth
  6. Hugo Phurst

    Seedlings under LED lights

    From Royal Queen Seeds Clones and seedlings: 5,000–7,000 lux Vegetative growth: 15,000–50,000 lux Flowering: 45,000–65,000 lux Maximum recommended amount of light: 75,000 lux
  7. Hugo Phurst

    2 SCOTUS?

    Now we know why:cuss:, probably had a shit-fit when he found out his text messages were going to be released. Criminal conspiracy perhaps?
  8. Hugo Phurst

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Not a pic, but made me laugh......
  9. Hugo Phurst

    Male or Female?

    Wait & make sure it's not new growth.
  10. Hugo Phurst

    Plant not flowering

    A plant need to reach a certain level of maturity before it will flower, 55 days might not be enough. Sure you're in 12/12? Good luck
  11. Hugo Phurst

    About 1 week to go?

    Way too many white hairs, what's red hasn't shriveled enough. Weeks to go Have fun
  12. Hugo Phurst

    What Are You Listening To?

    Never had cadence like this in Basic Training.
  13. Hugo Phurst

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Who's a good doggy? :weed: My ass being arrested
  14. Hugo Phurst

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Puppy ear has more hair
  15. Hugo Phurst

    Where am I here?

    Don't believe the sellers hype, it's pure bullshit. Your plant has too much white and the red hairs haven't shriveled enough.
  16. Hugo Phurst

    Please help is this a pollen sack

    Mist/spray with water (to keep pollen from floating around), and pick off the sacs. Good luck.
  17. Hugo Phurst

    Help with this light pls

    120x120 what? in, cm? That light is apx 1/2 of your 600HPS
  18. Hugo Phurst

    Is 3 x 315w cmh enough light for 4x8 area?

    That's 29.5w/sq ft, definitely on the low side.
  19. Hugo Phurst

    Light schedule switch question

    IMO - don't do it. Get more light.