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  1. roidrage152

    Mites or Thripes? Please help

    Mites fo sho. When you're ready to kill them, I recommend varying treatments. Like alternate Neem oil and insecticidal soap and something else if you want to be real safe, I like to mix in a pyrethrum bomb (I use the non flammable kind you can get at home depot). I've seen the effects of mite...
  2. roidrage152

    Powdery Mildew??

    Does not look like PM. Does look like nutrient issue, PH possibly, hard to tell with no other info. PM looks and smells powdery and mildewy. You'll get a hint of it at first maybe just by smell, then if you don't do anything about it, it will smack you in the face, and their will be no doubt...
  3. roidrage152

    Fruit Flies

    More than likely you have fungus gnats, they are super common in all house plants. They are mostly just annoying but can cause issues if their population gets too big. I've heard of ways to check like putting a cut potato cube on your grow media, and the larva will come to the surface and eat...
  4. roidrage152

    Outdoor possible powdery mildew or just dried up water spots?

    It doesn't really look like PM to me, but an easy way to tell is if you smell it, it should have a musty smell. It will be distinct like clothes you left in the washer for 3 days that you forgot about.
  5. roidrage152

    best nutes

    It's all pretty similar imo. I use GH 3part.
  6. roidrage152

    Male plants

    Damn that blows, and I'd say that would probably be an issue with a bad direction wind at least. Also do bees pollinate weed?
  7. roidrage152

    malathon vs azamax

    Malathon will probably work, but that stuff is nasty. It will kill the mites same as the other stuff, but still probably won't fuck with the eggs, so kinda like using a nuke to win a gun fight. I would rotate the other stuff, like Azamax, liquid lady bug, pyrethrums, and mighty wash is awesome...
  8. roidrage152

    help we have spider mites

    1 or 2 mighty wash sprays will at least knock the mites down enough to get you through harvest on the stuff in flower. Make sure you got a dehum working overtime with them if you got any decent sized buds yet. Give your seedlings and whatever other plants thorough treatment, i like to...
  9. roidrage152

    HOW TO GET RID OF SPIDERMITES 100% Always works

    Hot Shots are pretty good, however make sure you use it with other methods because they definitely can build immunity to that. My first time ever getting mites, I crushed them with HotShots it was so easy, I was wondering why people ever complained about them. However about a year later, when...
  10. roidrage152

    What are the best weapons against spider mites y'all have found.

    I used to think it had to be over priced snake oil, but Mighty Wash is the shit. I don't know how it works, but it works. I bought an electric atomizing sprayer that can let me spray a finer mist and not waste so much of the expensive stuff. Probably only need to use like half what a pump...
  11. roidrage152


    I have what I'm assuming is plants herming on me, I'm wondering what I should do. I've done several harvests, just never run into this before. I'm probably about a week from when I planned to harvest, I'm posting as many pics as I could tried to get some good ones, so you can get an idea of...
  12. roidrage152

    Plant Yellowing - Doesn't seem to be Nitrogen (info inside)

    I would still guess nitrogen. Also Agent orange looks very sad, maybe thirsty. Though over-watering looks the same to me. If you recently transplanted and they were root-bound in their previous homes, root bound plants look kinda the same to me too sometimes. It appears they have plenty of...
  13. roidrage152

    Clone growth extremely slow

    It sounds like you are talking about new cuttings. Some definitely take longer than others. I have some strains that take like 3 days to start rooting, and a strain that even can take up to 2-3 weeks. If they still look healthy it will probably root eventually, however I think any nutes...
  14. roidrage152

    First time grow. Need info and answers.

    I would just give it some time. I used to use a dirt that had nutes in it (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) already for all of my stuff. My young ladies would always be really stunted and sometimes take 2-3 weeks before they started making any significant growth. I switched to a seed starter nutrient...
  15. roidrage152

    Diy calcium magnesium suppliment - calmag

    I used to use GH calimagic, or Botanicare CalMg with my reverse osmosis water, for deficiencies but it was getting real expensive, so I searched for alternatives. I can't vouch exactly for the science behind what I did, but I can verify that my plants didn't die, and they also seemed to not...
  16. roidrage152

    Cal/Mag issue, or not enough nutes period

    I use cal/mg with my reverse osmosis water with even my plain water feeding. The way I look at it is I'm adding the CalMg to make the RO water more like tap water, so I feed it everytime I water. I personally use nutes in 2 waters in a row, then 1 plain water. I sometimes use a little less...
  17. roidrage152

    jumpstarting early veg

    I usually end up in a position of root bound plants when I'm transplanting so In my experience my girls always take off right away when moved to a bigger pot. I used to have stalling of growth when I used a really hot soil mix for my rooted clones. Once I switched to a no nute peat/perlite mix...
  18. roidrage152

    help using GH FLora Series

    I've been using the GH 3 part for a few years now and I've ended up using the expert feeding method without the rapid start (so expensive, though I sometimes mess with other rooting stuff.) I also use super thrive, but only in veg. I don't know if it does anything, but yeah its cheap, but a...
  19. roidrage152

    Shipping Clones How>???????

    not that I have ever had the need to ship a clone, I would definitely pay the extra for over night shipping. Through work an ebay sales, I have to say another thing, In 1000s of legal shipments, I've lost maybe 1 total shipment ever with UPS/FEDEX, and probably 1 in 100 via USPS. Their system...
  20. roidrage152

    hermie question with pics

    I had trouble finding your hermie balls in the pics, but you can probably tell much better in person. In regards to re-cloning, I've been doing it for several years with no noticeable degeneration in quality or yield or anything. I have heard of old school hippies doing it for decades with no...