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  1. Rocket Soul

    Are these any good?

    They all work fine, blux strips tend to be lower power which means you need more for the same performance as sammies. But also if you run them soft, at nominal, you dont really need any heatsinking
  2. Rocket Soul

    Growers choice 680 question

    Take some photos of the driver housing or wherever they print the specs. It should have dc output printed (amps and voltage). With this you can normally figure out replacement.
  3. Rocket Soul

    Are these any good?

    Pretty sure the second is thrive vestas, max amp and a few things dont line up as.standard vesta. Id probably rec against using thrive unless power isnt much of an issue: these strips have an amazing spectrum but not great output, and the spectrum benefits you could also get using sammie 301h...
  4. Rocket Soul

    Are these any good?

    Theres a few things that dont make sense with those specs, maybe you could pass the full link? Maybe this is the thrive version cause i dont recognize the specs
  5. Rocket Soul

    Does a single plant need an exhaust vent in closet??

    The issue is not temps, its the humidity. Especially at night when temps drop and humidity spikes. Mold is no fun
  6. Rocket Soul

    Help with building led light

    Some notes: Side lighting has already been mentioned but id like to add a small twist: with limited eimensions and height it would be good to have a "anti stretch" function. The blux vesta strips incorporate both cold white and warm white channels so could fit the bill. The smallwr the space the...
  7. Rocket Soul

    What can I do with these drivers?

    Theres afew different ways to do this: - If you want complete dimmable control then you can go for one driver per channel, and ideally both the same driver. - if youre happy to work with 3 separate spectrums then you can do a one driver solution, then group all strings from each channel together...
  8. Rocket Soul

    What can I do with these drivers?

    Yes, there are a few good vesta driver matches there but it all depends on what op wnana do. How big a space, flower/veg or auto, any budget considerations? Also is thia for gen 1 or gen3?
  9. Rocket Soul

    A question about the Vesta strips BXEB-TL-L0280Z-2750E1000-B-C3

    So no connections to C + and C- and still light from this channel? Thats very strange... Id rec going over everything again to make sure. The 2 channels should be separated, should never get light in both if you only connect one channel Are you with parallel connections or series? Whats your...
  10. Rocket Soul

    [Question] DIYing LED panels/boards

    Maybe check out @ilovereggae s setup.
  11. Rocket Soul

    [Question] DIYing LED panels/boards

    Drivers: you dont need to use blux drivers, they are expensive and not special in anyway afaik. Last vesta build i did was with 4 strips in series for around 100V. You can also do series of 2 with a 50ish V driver (meanwell xxxx-48A usually works fine). Standard parallel gets very messy due to...
  12. Rocket Soul

    [Question] DIYing LED panels/boards

    Is this a diy thing or are you making a board/strip from scratch? (As the crees you linked is diode only, not on a strip). If this is still for a veg setup, and you dont have too much efficiency needs (95 cri is inherently inefficient) then id probably go for the thrives. They have better...
  13. Rocket Soul

    Phantom Pheno 440

    Have you reset your veg environment from hid friendly to led friendly? Usually you need a little more heat to get led plants to transpire. No transpiration, no drinking, slouchy plant stance
  14. Rocket Soul

    I do indeed.

    I do indeed.
  15. Rocket Soul

    Far red EOD

    Theres no benefit before lights on. After: it means the planta "fall asleep" faster enabling either faster flowering or adding 2 hoirs of light; 14/10.
  16. Rocket Soul

    Far red EOD

    Hteres a lot of info in thw far red thread, but its long and theres sections that are a bit off topic. Eod: after your main light goes out, but generally not as long as 15mins. It depends on how many watts and efficiency of rhe diodes. Generally its about 3000-4000ppf per m; so if you have 20w...
  17. Rocket Soul

    Hosting refugees

    Does anyone want to share their experiences or talk about what hosting refugees as a private citizen is like? What are your motivations, what was the event that pushed you over the line? What piece of knowledge do you wish you had before taking people in?
  18. Rocket Soul

    Specific light wavelength causing more photobleaching/light damage than others?

    There seems to be a few different types of bleaching; green leaves going pale and then this youre seeing, like an accelerated fade going thru several colors.
  19. Rocket Soul

    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    Very nice results, how many plants and what space/watts?
  20. Rocket Soul

    Meanwell dimming

    Yes, screwdriver Yes 100k pot Yes, works without The voltage depends on driver and what chips you use