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  1. kamdo

    Sombody with KNOWLEDGE answer thiss question!!

    good luck with it mate
  2. kamdo

    First Mushroom Grow!

    good luck with it!
  3. kamdo

    Starter dose for 25i-NBOMe

    this gave me many lolz
  4. kamdo

    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    Also, what are the best methods of drying? I don't have a food dehydrator so I'm thinking about using desiccant or simply air-drying with a fan.
  5. kamdo

    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    VERY EXCITING DAY FOR ME ​ Harvested my first mushroom :-P fuck yes Here is a pic of it..... Can you experts tell anything about the quality of the mushroom based on how this one looks? I noticed some white fuzz at the base of the stem, any ideas what this is?
  6. kamdo

    Citizen Bubba's law abiding grow box

    that looks great....good luck with it
  7. kamdo

    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    Ok got ya. I guess the only thing to do now is wait haha
  8. kamdo

    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    I've began the fruiting process with the cakes. They've been in the container for a couple days now. Temperature is around 68F (15 degree drop from incubation) and humidity between 90-100%. Are these numbers good enough to produce a decent yield? I'm thinking the temp might be a little...
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    Bulk monotub shroom grow.

    good stuff here
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    My silkroad experiance

    sounds interesting but not worth the risk for me....
  11. kamdo

    Mushroom Grow Journal - PF-tek, Casing

    a lotta good info in this thread :)
  12. kamdo

    First Time Shroom Grower PF-Tek

    looks great
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    What's the deal with legal bud?

    smoke da real shit my nigga
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    This guy is trolling my every move on riu

    wow wow wow wow
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    Grow Video's

    hell yes this looks great!
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    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    Sounds good, poly! the jars are fully white. I'm giving them til Wednesday before taking the cakes out:lol:
  17. kamdo

    Need Help With Slow Mycelium Growth!

    alright I'm back for more info from the experts haha 50% of the jars have become fully colonized within the past couple days and so my question is when is it safe to birth the cakes? should I wait another week or is it ok to do it now? In your guy's experience, is it necessary to dunk and...
  18. kamdo

    Planning my first grow. Would like some criticism.

    those look great. I hope it worked out for you!
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    Welcome New Members!

    lots of awesome info on here :)
  20. kamdo

    Welcome New Members!

    awesome site !