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  1. 80skunk

    Do Si Do , Hello to everyone , great weekend to U :)

    So , anyone have an idea who has the dankiest strain of Do Si Do ? thanks
  2. 80skunk

    Heads Up =russets??? Use, Amblyseius Swirskii Hanging Sachet Bags Spider Mite Control

    Get these mites , I thru some in turkey bags w/ bud and they ate all the Russets, gone :0 best way to smoke clean weed if you have russet mites . I thr the Swirskii's in for over a month . When they're done they eat themselves and rot away correct ? When they first dropped them on us N...
  3. 80skunk

    Please post any pix of stuff you think was special/decent :) thanks.

    Do si do and Sunset Sherbert 5 yrs ago w/ Humboldt Home and Garden .....Do si Do 1st Sunset 2nd .. :) ..
  4. 80skunk

    So can I ask , what is the skunkiest / danky weeds U guys have/or came across U can get seeds to ?

    Thanks, I'm doing BlueOrca x 85 Skunk from Swami .....Smells pretty danky in 4th week Veg , I just want something that reminds me of the 80s :) , I remember a Pakistan strain I smoked back then pretty nice or thats what the bag said it was haha. Thanks..... oh i'm doing Dna/GYO RKS ,,, Yeah I...