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    Where to get wholesale seed breeders to buy in bulk and repack and rebrand?

    I was thinking to start my genetics line and would start off buying on bulk couple of strains with white label or no label and start crossing them to make my own crosses and my own seedbank. Where could i find seed breeders without label to buy from them test them and repack/rebrand them and...
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    How should i dim the light Lumatek Attis 300W

    the seedlings are 7 days old and i had it on 20% power and i upped it to 40% now. should i leave it on 40% or should i lower back to 20% for another week? its my first time using LED and not sure how to dim the light according to weeks. thank you for any kind of help!
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    Can police detect a 300W Led light with helicopters?

    I never grew but i have severe anxiety and glaucoma so imma grow 5 autoowering plants under 300w led light. I heard they can see me with helis but is it true for a small grow in a tent 90x90x185cm?