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  1. Weedoguido

    Eye Hortilux Powerveg

    What's up everyone? I've been looking around and I see that a lot of people use Powerveg t5 bulbs for extra light on top of there main flower lights. I wanted to try and run a cycle with the Powerveg flowering bulbs and see just what kind of end product I can get. Here is what I got going on so...
  2. Weedoguido

    Now im thinking..

    What's up everyone, hope you day is as stoney as mine. Got something to throw out there for an opinion. When I first started this plant the leaves where nice and fat like you'd expect to see with an indica. Now as the plant gets older the leaves are getting thinner and longer. So what do you...
  3. Weedoguido

    Dank seeds USA

    What's up RIU tokers! Got some seeds from a company called Dank seeds usa. Just wanted to let everyone know about them if you don't already. Super easy and fast. 5-27-22. 11:30am. Placed order online 5-27-22. 11:52am. Order confirmed 5-27-22. 11:56am. Payment made with PayPal. 5-27-22. 12:11pm...
  4. Weedoguido

    Auto pump watering.

    What's going on RIU community. Got a question for everyone using Cal/Mag with automatic watering systems. Does the use of auto water pumps while watering with cal/mag tend to cause any kind of build up in the pump or lines? Any thoughts or advise. Should I keep an eye out for anything?
  5. Weedoguido

    Seeds from

    Good day to everyone, hope all is well in the RIU community. This is a weird one, about 2 years ago I bought some seeds from that I was gonna give as a gag gift to a friend. claims that the seeds grow monkey face shaped buds. Well, I know that's not true and like I mentioned it...
  6. Weedoguido

    Legal in Connecticut

    Could there be a section for legalization in CT?
  7. Weedoguido

    Solids in my nutes.

    What's up everyone? I looked around a little but still wanted to post a question about completely dissolving powder form nutes in water. I use Veg+Bloom Dirty and it seems like there are these bits that never dissolve. I shake and shake and shake and my arms start to hurt. I wondering if...