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  1. Kami Samurai

    Help w/ Automated Hydroponic Indoor Coco Build.

    Hello everyone, I’m starting to research my future build blue prints. I’m about to start a RDWC Build and definetly like hydroponics but with all the electricity I’m running (pumps, chillers, etc) I could add another few lights. All my future builds will be coco but will try to keep the system...
  2. Kami Samurai

    Buying Direct Breeders (Not direct but exclusive with breeder) These are just a couple. There is a sale going on at triple ott right now they have a large selection Chem #4, The Cube Crosses, Golden ticket, a lot of...
  3. Kami Samurai

    Reputable clone suppliers in CO

    Just found out you can legally purchase clones as an out of state patient from legal states. Thought that would be intresting information for anyone who was not aware. I already found a few places worth checking out but does anyone have any suggestions On reputable clone vendors?
  4. Kami Samurai

    Guaranteed Frostitute

    What Strains are guaranteed frost monsters. Just covered in Trichomes. I don’t care if it’s a low yeilder, I’m just looking for a knock your socks of potency and extremely frosty bag appeal. I’ve seen the cube and I’m sure the crosses would be good but I’ve heard bad reviews on exotic.
  5. Kami Samurai

    Growers Strain Index

    Covering; Favorite Strain (To Grow): Keeper Phenos: Wishlist Strains: Dream Crosses: Next Strain: Reccomended Strain: Favorite Strain (To Smoke/ Smoke Report):
  6. Kami Samurai

    Understanding a waterchiller

    I have a couple questions: 1.) when you size your water chiller will be using a higher rated HP reduce the electricity used since the machine itself will have to work less. E.g. if I buy a 1/2 HP chiller over a 1/4 HP for 60 Gallons. 2.) if a chiller is listed with a maximum flow rate are you...
  7. Kami Samurai


    Does anyone have experience with seedsherenow moneyorder transactions. It arrived Friday and they haven’t shipped or replied today (Monday). I’m sure it’s fine, probably just busy today but just wondering if I’m in good hands?
  8. Kami Samurai

    Fire OG Seeds

    Does anyone know where I can locate Fire OG seeds/clones?
  9. Kami Samurai

    Days On Dagobah

    This will be the thread I start logging all the data from this setup. Data entry will begin as soon as I finish modifying the setup to listed specifications. Current Strains: White Widow, Blue Cindy, Grand Daddy Purp, Blueberry, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Southern Comfort, Candy Shop, &...
  10. Kami Samurai

    Making a hydroponic stable PH up/down

    I’m trying to make a copy-cat of General Hydroponics Ph Down. From what I understand most commercial PH downs are mostly Citric Acid and Nitric/Phosphoric Acid. Does anyone have success with a homeade ph down mixture? Has a couple recipes...
  11. Kami Samurai

    Peak THC During a Cure?

    Is there a pointbinthe curing process where degradation of thc usually starts (without freezer storage)? Does thc just continually convert to CBN or is there a limited achievable about that is strain dependent (without heat decarboxylation)? After the thc conversions does thc just naturally...
  12. Kami Samurai

    Best strain for appetite?

    What strain is the best for appetite?
  13. Kami Samurai

    Vertical Cool Tube Coverage?

    How much area would a 600 watt vertically hung cool tube cover. Would it have the same penetration at 360 degrees as a horizontally hung bulb? So about 2’ of usable light penetration from the bulb all the way across? It would be in the center of an 8.5’ x 8.5’ room with 4x 600w horizontally hung...
  14. Kami Samurai

    Banana Kush Seeds Anyone know a good place to get them or a good hybrid?
  15. Kami Samurai

    R/O Automated Reservoir Build

    I’m starting a build for a Revese Osmosis automates Top off reservoir using a float valve. I want my filtration system to consist of 3 major parts; remove chlorine, sediment, etc./Remove salts (R/O),/ then kill pathogens (UV Filter) Reservoir- 55 Gallon Water Stoage tank or 125 Gallon Storage...
  16. Kami Samurai

    Cheese Strains

    What is the best Cheese strain you’ve grown or even smoked.
  17. Kami Samurai

    Shoreline Genetics Indoor DWC Grow

    Day 00: This journal will be covered as simply and cleanly as possible. We’ll be running some test seeds for Shoreline Genetics. Focus will be on the plants/phenos and only go over nutrients if something notable changes. Seeds: We have two strains here; Southern Comfort ~ SoCo: Gypsy Cab...
  18. Kami Samurai

    Dehumidifier Water For Flushing

    Could it be done. It’s Monsoon Season and I’m pulling 4Gallons of water a day out of the air out of 1 room. Can it be used if oxygenated before. Can only find mixed reviews. The PPM is basically 0.
  19. Kami Samurai

    A Thread Apart

    A place for me(or anyone) to store threads containing useful information that stands out (Non-Pinned) As well as impressive grow journals/ grow setups/ and Grow Designs. Ex. LED Builds, Hydro Builds, Nutrient Recipes/Ratios I am exclusively using Synthetic Nutrients/ Hydroponic Media/ A/C HID...
  20. Kami Samurai

    30 Pint Dehumidifer w/Lowest Power Usage

    So far I’m here @ 350 watts/Max usage