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  1. Sqwee

    Sqwee's Humble Garden

    Hello RIU! I recently moved into a place where I can run more than just one 4x4 tent, upgraded some of my grow equipment and thought I'd start a journal to share my cannabis related adventures, smoke reports and also a place to work on my photography skills. I plan to pheno hunt, test clones...
  2. Sqwee

    TMV? Deficiency? Variegation? Mutation? What is up with this plant?!

    So quick backstory on this plant; we used to have a strain that was popular in my area that was sold as "Blueberry" because of its super strong blueberry terps but supposedly it was just Blue Dream. The guy that was growing and selling it passed away and a person who used to help him grow gave...
  3. Sqwee

    HLG 600 RSPEC, heat?

    I'm looking at getting an HLG 600 rspec to replace the 600W HPS I use in a 4x4 tent. I'm just concerned about heat, I've read some reviews that say its just as hot as a 1000W HPS. Anyone that uses one able to chime in on how hot this light gets and how much cooling is needed?