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  1. Mohican

    Mohican's Roaring 20's 2022 Season

    Time to start the 2022 season thread! The PTSD from the pool construction has subsided and I can venture out to the back without feeling angry. Transplanted some sprouts and took pictures of the gardens. Cheers, Mo
  2. Mohican

    Mohican's Roaring 20's 2021 Season

    Looks like the stray seed from the fall season is finished: New project for 2021 Removed the 40 year old fiberglass Jacuzzi. Now it is time to see what is under the cement covering this area of the pool: Used my DeWalt hammer drill to drill 1 inch holes in a squarish formation and hit...
  3. Mohican

    PK Strategy

    I am interested in everybody's PK strategy for the best frost production in flower. I concentrate mostly on outdoor growing in vermicompost-fed soil. My PK strategy is to supplement with a nice amount of kelp meal.
  4. Mohican

    Mohican's 2020 Season

    To my mentor Subcool - God must have needed a weed nerd! This was a magical day! Farmer John got me high with Jesus and the Weed Nerd :eyesmoke:
  5. Mohican

    Mohican's 2019 Season

    Wait - It's 2019? What!!! Stump art: Stray male post wilt: Cheers, Mo
  6. Mohican

    Mohican's 2018 Season

    Here we gooooooooooooo!
  7. Mohican

    Kessil Club

    I am not attaching a date this time so I can keep posting longer to the same thread. Exciting news from Kessil: JOIN THE SPECTRAL REVOLUTION March 2017 Kessil Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED...
  8. Mohican

    Mohican's 2017 Season

    Happy New Year! 2017 looks to be a great growing season. I have collected over a foot of rainwater in the last two months. Seedlings are popping up everywhere! There are also a few fall seedlings that are getting big: Cheers, Mo
  9. Mohican

    Kessil Club 2016

    OK - I finally remembered to start the 2016 thread! I need to get these up and running on the Spectral Spinner: Cheers, Mo
  10. Mohican

    Mohican's 2016 Season

    Happy New Year RIU! Time to pop some of my Christmas gift popcorn @ruby fruit : Cheers, Mo
  11. Mohican

    Mohican's 2015 Season

    2015 started off with a bang! Went to my first Rose Bowl game with my Oregon crew. Froze, tailgated, warmed up in the sun, cheered my throat raw, froze again, and tailgated again. It was a long strange trip indeed! Some of @Garden Boss 's flowers from the BBQ knocked an Oregon patient...
  12. Mohican

    Kessil Club 2015

    Happy New Year Kessil and other LED growers! I have some clones I am vegging in the Kessil cab right now. Cheers, Mo
  13. Mohican

    Mohican's 2012 Indoor Malawi Grow

    Reprint of my 2012 indoor adventures with pictures fixed Here is what I am doing: Holy Smoke Malawi Gold Regular Seed from Attitude Modified Lordjin Tote Flora Nova Bloom (Scottyballs method) RO Water Kessil H350 Magenta LED 1 to 4 6500K CFLs as needed during veg. Blue Labs pH pen Blue Labs...
  14. Mohican

    Mohican's 2012 Season - Malawi Gold

    This is a reprint of my 2012 season because the pictures are gone from the old thread. I am starting a new thread since my indoor LED grow is done. This thread is going to focus on the clones of the indoor Malawi Gold girl that I planted outdoors. Here is a quick summary: Malawi Gold 100%...
  15. Mohican

    Medical Cannabis Jobs

    Start a classified ad section for employers looking for employees in the cannabis industry.
  16. Mohican

    All of Mohican's Past Grow Threads

    Here is a list of all of my threads: Holy Smoke Malawi Gold Indoor ScrOG with H350 Magenta Kessil Holy Smoke Malawi Gold Outdoor Grow Mohican's 2013 Season Mohican's 2014 Season Mohican's Kessil Grow Kessil Club Seed Pictures Cheers, Mo
  17. Mohican

    2014 Kessil Club

    OK - here it is as promised. The Kessil Club. A place where we crazy LED growers can share our thoughts on the Kessil lights. Cheers and Welcome, Mohican
  18. Mohican

    Mohican's Kessil Grow 2014

    OK - I am back with a vengeance! All of the LED grows are looking great so I returned my unopened 1K hortilux bulbs and got a second Kessil H350. It is the Deep Purple model so now I have the Magenta and Deep Purple going in the cab. The clones are exploding under this light. They are...
  19. Mohican

    2014 High Times LA Medical Cannabis Cup

    It's that time of year again! The High Time Medical Cannabis Cup is coming back to the NOS center in San Berdu! Here is what I got last year: Who wants to get together and do this as a group? Have a RIU club :) Cheers, Mo
  20. Mohican

    Mohican's 2014 Season

    Time to start the new year's season. Here are a few pics to start it off! Holy Smoke Mulanje Gold #2 Mainlined for 16 Mains: Her stem: New microscope: Seeded Clones Jilly Bean Indoor/Outdoor Clones: Happy New Year! Cheers, Mo