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  1. SnidleyBluntash

    Anyone have ideas what this might be. Looks like water on my leaves but...

    It is water. From the plant. Two leaves were touching, and the transpiration from the bottom of the leaf got stuck to the top of another leaf. This can be bad if you have it happen too much, you can get mold and other problems. solution: more wind, to ruffle the leaves up 2) trim of leaves...
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    How many of you use uv eye protection in your grow rooms?

    When I first got my lights, I was bad, I sometimes only wore sunglasses. But after a while I was getting headaches, and I swear I burnt my eye balls out. My night vision has a black spot in the middle. My vision was FUKT. So I started with the welding mask and now I know I’m SAFE. I went to the...
  3. SnidleyBluntash

    I've had it! I'm coming back.

    . How much gets flushed down the drain?
  4. SnidleyBluntash

    I've had it! I'm coming back.

    If you don’t mind checking pH and ppm everyday, then dwc is great. My only problem is when I have to go on a 5 day vacation, I can’t ask my mom to simply ‘water the plants’. I need a dang scientist to do the job.
  5. SnidleyBluntash

    Help to buy an equivalent fertilizer from the farm shop

    Use less than it says on the bag, and slowly work your way up until you are satisfied.
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    Gets seeds. Get a light and a tent. Then get dirt and some big containers. Make sure it’s good soil. Plant the seeds. I think 2 of them is a good start. Do that all and then check back for more.
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    Do my buds look ok?

    This guy will next tell you to give him the plant and he will get rid of it for you. nothing wrong
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    Usually ppl go for about a month of 18/ and then switch to 12. But it’s all up to you. It...

    Usually ppl go for about a month of 18/ and then switch to 12. But it’s all up to you. It doesn’t matter. Longer = bigger.
  9. SnidleyBluntash

    Uh Oh.... New Rosin Pressing Machine

    I just got the dabpress 6ton. It is going well. If you have enough product to practice with you can learn fast. You can try a few presses with out using the filter bags, see how that goes. I’m so cheap.
  10. SnidleyBluntash

    Leaf Deficiency? Have pics

    All this pHing can cause issues if you have a large margin of error in your pHing. Like. The # of drops of pH down, the +/- of your probe… how close is the light? And what’s the temperature in there. Maybe it got cold.
  11. SnidleyBluntash

    Leaf Deficiency? Have pics

    Did you recently pH your water?
  12. SnidleyBluntash

    2 Weeks, about a pound.

    Another month.
  13. SnidleyBluntash

    I am so confused.

    You barely want them wet for a baby seedling. soak them in proper ph water, then rinse them with your ppm and pH’ed water. Then stuck out a lot of squirts. You will be able to see just how much water the cubes are holding and you will say wow ya that’s too much
  14. SnidleyBluntash

    I am so confused.

    1) soak vs no soak won’t kill 10/1 seeds. I tried it and didn’t and there was no difference. 2) ppm should start to be added slowly and gradually. You can start earlyer than 2 weeks for sure. I would start at 200 ppm right from the beginning. Could be reason for your issues. Your light Could...
  15. SnidleyBluntash

    TMV? Deficiency? Variegation? Mutation? What is up with this plant?!

    Same thing here didn’t affect anything. Except some jars after cutting developed a different smell than the other jars. So you should grow them out and put the buds from the stems like this is in labled jars. And see if there is a difference.
  16. SnidleyBluntash

    I got one back in 07 off ebay, 7 holes, got better lights, I grew lots of cooking’s in there...

    I got one back in 07 off ebay, 7 holes, got better lights, I grew lots of cooking’s in there.. a ficus that made fruit after a couple months.
  17. SnidleyBluntash

    What to do with extra clones all the time?

    If you are having too many, you need to pick the best ones to move forward with, and keep trying. And keep searching for ‘the one’
  18. SnidleyBluntash

    Help using two leds in one tent

    Maybe your other parameters are not allowing the plants to use the light. Like temperature and humidity and nutrients. Tell us about that. How old are the plants..?
  19. SnidleyBluntash

    Infused coconut oil with Instant Pot 11 in 1.

    The only way to know dosages and stuff is to do many samples and try it. When I made it, turns out 1/4tsp is enough to cause an effect. I made it really strong,