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    Yet another issue.

    Overnight this has happens. Wtf is this, a deficiency an excesse or completely different problem. I have no idea. It’s all starting to get a bit frustrating
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    What the hell is this butterfly looking thing going on with my leaf

    OK so what is this a sign of I can’t quite tell. I’m in soil FFOF watering with ph going in at 6.5. I have them in a tent. I have not been watering until runoff I will be doing that from this point forward. Thanks in advance.
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    What is the least bad...

    My plants are transitioning into flowering, my tent is in my garage. Today it hit 93 for about 3 hours and I assume as it gets further into the warmer weather its just going to go up. my options are to move them into an upstairs room or leave it in the heat. I think I should just move them...
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    I purchased Emerald Harvest Nutrient lineup anyone have pictures

    So I just picked up Emerald Harvest Cali-pro A+B, King Kola, Emerald Goddess, and Honey Chome. I wanted to see some pictures of grows that have utilized this combo and if anyone has tips or lessons learned, I'd love to get a jump on that. I will be switching to flower shortly(once my order...
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    RIS - On-going grow log

    I wanted to make a single log with all my grow's from here on. I'll start with the essential info, last run, and finally on to my current run. Basic Info: 4x8 grow space AC Infinity S8 intake and exhaust Lights: 315CMH (working on a fix for my other lights since they run extremely hot ) Last...
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    Is this rust fungus?

    I found a couple spots like this in my plants. My assumption is that this is rust fungus. It’s only affecting a couple of leaves on different plants. Can anybody confirm this is truly rust fungus? Edit: I put this in the wrong spot, sorry, this should be in the plant problems sub forum
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    New grow tent, exhaust and intake, need recommendations on brand

    I am going to be getting a new tent, the one I have was bought used (lesson learned). I went cheap on the ventilation setup and will be replacing that as well. I want to add an intake since the room is closed 90% of the time. I will be putting this in my office, east-facing, and upstairs. I can...
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    Hello from the Cali Bay Area

    Hey whats up? I have just started my first true grow indoors. I have been using RIU as a "Growing for Dummies" type resource for a few specific questions and realized i know 100% of almost nothing. Im building my tent today and going to be moving my Gelato 33 indoors. I collectively call them my...
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    First Indoor Grow - Gelato33 - Everyones Invited

    Here goes Something… This is an open log, feel free to add your thoughts, questions or just follow for the trash fire that is my current situation. @[email protected] I am working with 6x Gelato 33 clones that have been on a rough ride already. I had them indoor in the beginning but had all kinds of pests...
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    "Dont Mess It Up, Ris", My First Indoor Attempt - Gelato 33

    Whats up, I'm new to the forum and just getting into growing with a purpose (used to just toss seeds an water in my back yard). I decided to grow 10 plants this season, 2 were subjected to my rink-e-dink hydro attempt. Needless to say I’m down to 8. I have never grown in this county and was...