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  1. Scuzzman

    Digital timer stuff up /FOX TAILS

    never again will I own a digital standalone timer for lights- was set at 18/6 for autos's every thing was going great untill daylight saving.Went fishing for 4 days every was set up no issues, cam home and the timer stuffed set and re-set to 6 on 18 off dont know how but took a couple to work...
  2. Scuzzman

    Were to place sensors

    A friends grow is having serious issue's with leaf droop in flower (will ask him for some pics). He grows in a 5 x 5 with a Lumatek Zeus Led 1000w, grows in coco 100% and waters/feeds 1 time per day full flood to run off with 850 ppm, 6.2ph, leaf temps are 26-27 degrees pretty steady with 51-53...
  3. Scuzzman

    GML Accusations..

    well just watched/listened to the opening 18 minutes of GML explaining why he left HLG( not to concerned about that as thats a employment issue), pretty serious stuff and accusations been made ,should it be public dont know.... I dont use the brand , but concerned about the LED testing companies...
  4. Scuzzman

    Paper Bag Mold

    this is a first for me using paper bags in boxes , have dried this way for years ( very stealth), have 5 plants - light trim( re-move 70 - 80% of all leaf), removed approx 5 ounces of bud with signs of mold- will check again in the morning but may have to mulch it all - dont want spores in the...
  5. Scuzzman

    GLA First Gen update @ 7 1/2 weeks

    Started this grow running the drivers @ 440 watts each ( 2 x drivers) started getting a little led burn so backed the drivers off to 410 watts each - these boards are cranking this grow room, every thing is on point in my view- 26 degrees (lights keep constant temps in the room no heater ), no...
  6. Scuzzman


    Have growers caught on to this par meter yet? Would like some honest feed back as very affordable ( even in NZ )
  7. Scuzzman

    Colloidal Silver

    Hard to get beans sometimes down here so fun times ahead, have approx 18 different strains of autos from around the world and getting harder to get (customs getting better at there job). Will start with 2 x different strains (Clarendon Candy Auto,Auto Bolt supplied by Haze Seeds ) .. Can only...
  8. Scuzzman

    3 x strike rule

    who does this work in the states and canada - from my understanding convicted 3 x times jail is that right?
  9. Scuzzman

    Dodgy Companies with links

    We all have had issues with companies when supplying products or the lies they spin to sell a product, some companies are run by spin doctors - products that are sold as top end only to find they are cheap rubbish, warranties are not stood by and paid reviews .. Using others info as there own...
  10. Scuzzman

    Autos with issues

    Firm believer once you have issues with Autos you may as give up- takes 1-2 weeks to fix an issue(sometimes longer), when you have a grow cycle of approx 8-10 weeks does not leave long for the plant to recover. Sometimes things happen we have no control over. Found if you have 1 issue by the...
  11. Scuzzman

    Question -Wizard NPK ?????

    Has anyone heard or seen Wizard NPK off you tube, not heard or seen him for nearly 2 years, he use to peddle his own nutrients and did some pretty full on grows - he has removed his foot print on social media no grow info anymore ....
  12. Scuzzman

    Cannabis Cultivation Research

    how many actually read this stuff..... some can be interesting and relevant I guess, cant do much at the moment so headed down the tech/research rabbit hole
  13. Scuzzman

    For LED Tech Junkies

    When the weather is crap , some really good tech info regarding old and new tech, may open a can worms for some, have a gander March 1, 2021Draft 2 Horticultural Requirements V2.1 Overview Webinar The DLC hosted an informational webinar on Thursday March 11, 2021 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT to...
  14. Scuzzman

    Fabric Pot Trivets/Pot Elevators

    Would like to know what folks are using for there indoor grows under there fabric pots. I have found a pot stand/trivet can create wet spots on the bottom of fabric bags via contact which stops the coco coir from drying on the inside on the bottom ( if that makes sense) this can and does...
  15. Scuzzman

    Organic Soil - Bio Logic Master Class series

    Learnt a few things from this series on Organic soil, Been a Bio Dynamic crop/fruit grower for many but still learning , would recommend this video below as it explains alot ,
  16. Scuzzman

    Dehumidifier Water Question

    How many people re-use the dehumidifier water on the crops ? I tested 5 litres last night and its E.C .26 and PH 6.1 now I use 100% rain water which comes at EC .4 and PH 6.8 ( which I lower to 5.8-6.3) , now I dont see an issue using the waste water as its pretty much RO water in my view, so...
  17. Scuzzman

    GLA Boards & Megacrop P1

    Makeshift grow room (1.6 x 1.6 x 2.4h) with the @Grow Lights Australia 450 kits x 2 running @ 375 watts per driver, 100 % re-used Coco Coir(3rd time) with Mycrohort( for those interested @ ) instead of perlite. 100 %...
  18. Scuzzman ??

    Have you guys had dealings with this company for beans - if so what are your views on them - had any issues ? Not impressed by customer service, also there payment system and there ordering system is antiquated , may give them another go as they have some great strains but pretty...
  19. Scuzzman

    Herbsnow Cannabis Dryer?

    what do you guys think regarding this product?,is this just a Dehydrator- is there any constructive reviews/comments about it.. Are these any good or just to catch new growers starting out
  20. Scuzzman

    Kis Organics - Flushing Myth

    this podcast is very good explains alot , from about the 11-12 minute its worth listening to , also check out there range of Nutrients there Kis Nutrient pack seems on par.. have a listen below - I dont flush or do the run off thing, grow in coco in door under led, :bigjoint...