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    Denver/Longmont Seeds

    Hi, reaching out for a friend who is traveling to Denver this weekend for some skiing. He wanted to score some decent genetics while he's out there. Any suggestions on some good sources locally?

    Cool PBS Hemp Program

    Just watched a news program on my local NC PBS station called SciNC. They had a really interesting story on hemp production and CBD extraction. Old tobacco fields in Eastern NC now are acres of hemp. Progress

    Cloudline T-Series temp/humidity probe extension

    I'm trying to finish my upstairs grow room and I need to finish the install on the remote temp/humidity probe. I grow in a walk-in closet and mounted all of the electronics outside of the room. The probe that came with the fan has a 3.5mm plug that looks like the style used on headphones. I...

    Tent suggestions

    I normally grow indoors in a walk-in closet that's been modified to work as a grow space. I am keeping some genetics I have run across that I keep as mothers so I need a small area to keep mothers alive as well as a 3x3 space for random pheno runs. I have 8' of headroom in the downstairs...

    240 volt light timer?

    I'm in the process of remote mounting my led drivers outside of my grow room as well as any related timers. I would like to use a simple mechanical wall mount timer like this. Because it only switches one leg of the 240...

    Still Have Far To Go

    March 3, 2019 Dear Gary, Thank you for contacting to express your support for efforts to expand the legal usage of marijuana. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. I understand that some people support marijuana decriminalization for medicinal and recreational purposes. Marijuana is...

    The Hits Keep Coming

    My father passed on Monday(not unexpected) so I'm trying to get prepared to travel back to FL and do the memorial and burial. I'm about 3 weeks into flower on my annual indoor grow so I enlisted my neighbor to visit and do needed maintenance. No worries, everything is covered so I'm relaxed...


    Nice to see that the forum has been inundated with spam....

    Samsung F-Series Internal Wiring?

    Wanting to wire up some F564B My question is about the wire connectors and internal bus bar(if it even has this). The connectors(+ and -) at each end of the strips are electrically connected to each other. Is it possible to jumper from driver output to first strip and then from the other end...
  10. GBAUTO

    Samsung FB24B Heatsink

    I'm looking at using 4 of these strips with a 240W driver. I want to use them as 'wing' lights on the pair of 4 array Vero bars I use. Since I only want to run these at ~60% of the test current how much of a heatsink will they need? I plan on making 16" wide brackets to mount them to my bars...