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  1. Autodoctor

    Cheap idea for a pot stand

    Just throwing this idea for anyone on budgets. Can Use the metal paint roller tray for bucket from Home Depot and use to raise pots off floor and have a stand for fiber pots if you like to keep bottom open
  2. Autodoctor

    Any one use this potting mix

    Any one use and their opinions
  3. Autodoctor

    Friday Funday- how much longer

    Been a while since I have seen one of these post made. so figured I would post it to see how many give the favorite riu answer. Smoke a beer, drink a joint pull-up a chair and give a reply lol. I think she is ready for hanging soon like most new people here think but in reality has 4-6 weeks...
  4. Autodoctor

    Happy birthday to me

    Sucks though to be at work. Happy 53rd birthday to me and my 4 year old grand daughter
  5. Autodoctor

    Fc3000 for xmas

    So was given the fc3000 for xmas . Is it a bad idea to add my ts1000 like this to it in the 3x3. I have it sitting on it for picture ref only. Will be hung a few inches above
  6. Autodoctor

    Even the candy company’s have dirty minds

    Anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture
  7. Autodoctor

    Merry Christmas everybody 2021!!!!!

    Anyone else decorating this year lol
  8. Autodoctor

    Anyone ever heard or have used before

    If anyone has any info on this or have used please share information. Instructions little complex imo since is dry nutrients I’m assume I have to use my weed scale to weigh so many grams and I’m assuming that’s per liter. Even though I know I don’t use at full strength. Kinda wanting to get away...
  9. Autodoctor

    Space cookies auto round 2 grow journal

    Day 1 seeds in steed starter pots. Had a delay on starting this grow with adoption on grandson. 3x3 Tent all set back up. This round using the 5gln plant warriors. Grow medium coast of Maine stonington platinum mix blend with added extra perlite. Nutrients flora trio this go around. Lights Mars...
  10. Autodoctor

    Red strawberry banana auto day 56

    Brothers second grow attemp on a plant. Gave him a little help via snap chat
  11. Autodoctor

    Growing in coco question

    May give a shot on trying a grow in coco. Only doing 2-4 plants in a 3x3 tent. wondering if I do fabric pots should I do it in 3 or 5 gln pots. And how many 3 or 5 gln pot will one brick fill. Will be adding perlite.This way it gives me an idea how many to order. Am familiar a little with coco...
  12. Autodoctor

    Anyone wanna go trick or treating

    I need a partner to dress as a lighter and I will dress like this
  13. Autodoctor

    For your enjoyment

  14. Autodoctor

    24/0 versus 18/6

    I have always done 18/6 with good results but a seed shop in Holland tells my brother higher thc- higher yield and faster grow if done 24/0. anyone here ever done a comparison. I may try on next run, but from what I have read gives zero time to recover if have any problems.
  15. Autodoctor

    Tomatoe question

    First time growing tomatoes. All the first tomatoes were fine and now all the tomatoes are doing this and or looks like their splitting. Don’t have picture of those. Not sure if from heat or bugs but also did see a bug that appeared to look like a small stink bug or something. Haven’t seen bugs...
  16. Autodoctor

    Switching from soil to dwc question

    Will something like this set up work ok. since I only do 1-2 plants at a time and a first time user to see if I can make the switch from soil to dwc and see if yields are really bigger and can actually get the hang of it. Then maybe upgrade after I see I can do it with out to much invested...
  17. Autodoctor

    New strain finally came in

    Hope this gets a laugh for the day
  18. Autodoctor

    Complaint of the day

    I sure wish when people posted their pictures they would take the time and click full image. Damn thumb nail is a pain in the ars. Maybe it’s just me
  19. Autodoctor

    Perlite vs vermiculite

    Anyone have any input on which they prefer to mix with their soil and why. I have always just used vermiculite. Old time grower once told me it’s better than perlite but don’t know why. Only perlite locally is by miracle grow and contains slow release nutrients which I don’t prefer.
  20. Autodoctor

    Is this calyxes swelling

    Just wanting to confirm this is what they consider the calyxes swelling.