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  1. RichRoots

    Mars Hydro 1600W LED advice?

    Any advice on distance from plants or anything when using "Mars Hydro" 1600W LED lights? It does have the veg & bloom selective switches, has anyone done a combo of both when vegging and flowering? 18-6 light cycle of combo? 18-6 light cycle of just veg? (when vegging) 12/12 light cycle of...
  2. RichRoots

    Male A to Female B or Male B to Female A?

    Let's say you have two strains you want to cross. You have male & female of strain A and male & female of strain B. If you crossed male A with female B, how different would it be from male B crossed with female A. I hope this makes sense to anyone lol. p.s. I've never bred cannabis before...
  3. RichRoots

    Indoor clone grown outdoors?

    Whats up everybody? Some expert advice needed. I was wondering if you have plants growing indoors for the winter season, can you make clones from them for outdoors in the spring?