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  1. Fonzarelli

    GGG Grape Stomper BX2 grow and review.

    Been sitting on these seeds for awhile, should be a good grow. Grape Stomper here I come. Seeds have been soaked and moved to a paper towel for sprouting. Using a coco/soil mix at about 50/50. Nutes are MagiCal, Microblast, for RO water. Flowering will be done with Super Soil and ProMix...
  2. Fonzarelli

    Sick Meds Williams Wonder AND Sure Fire Firestarter AND Sin City Alien Nightmare Grow

    Seeds on the way. I'm really looking forward to seeing what these genetics have to offer. I will be using a 860w CMH Allstart lamp start to finish along with 4x h150 Kessil red LEDs for added spectral boost. Medium will be 1:1:1 mix of Vermifire, sunshine #4 and Coco in 3 gal...
  3. Fonzarelli

    The ULTIMATE flowering spectrum hps + led

    Thought I would post this here for all you led guys to see. Just set up this spectrum today. It will be what I use from now on for flowering. 1000w HPS + 300w LED 410/440/460/630/660 NM, HPS is good alone, but in combination with LED it goes from good to GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
  4. Fonzarelli

    The ULTIMATE Flowering Spectrum

    Just set this up today and took a reading. I will be using this spectrum to flower my plants from now on and I know it's going to be stellar! 1000w HPS + 128w 630nm/660nm LED + 173w 410nm/440/460/630/660nm LED The HPS is Hortilux 1000w The LEDs are 4 x Kessil h150 Red and 2 x h350 Deep Purple...
  5. Fonzarelli

    Fonz's New 100% Organic Soil Mix: Let's Stir Things Up a Bit!

    After having plague after plague of thrip infestations using the FFOF I decided to search for another GOOD soil that does the job well the way FFOF used to do it for me. I couldn't take the thrips anymore! So I tried and tried soil bag after soil bag, recipe after recipe including SubCool's...
  6. Fonzarelli

    Why do the Kessil H350 Deep Purple's suck so much ass?

    Why will these not grow a bag of dog shit if you sprinkled it with 24k gold? And why do they insist on a 410nm peak in their led choice? h350 Deep Purple Spectral Analysis,
  7. Fonzarelli

    Advanced Lighting Spectrums for T5 Floro and LED

    I've been doing multiple, multiple tests for the last few months with about 10 different T5 fixtures, LEDs and other light sources to understand what the different wavelengths do for cannabis strains. The tests are not done(probably never will be), but I've been able to at least come up with a...
  8. Fonzarelli

    The "Not just one subjec thread."

    Hey guys, I'm making this thread to discuss anything and everything and to keep people I just met together so I don't lose track of what's going on. Hope it works out! I've just had to chop and renew my grow rooms and start over from cuttings to eradicate all the pests that have just spawned...
  9. Fonzarelli

    Limeade flavor DNA Lemon Skunk!!!

    I got a free seed with my last order which was a DNA Lemon Skunk fem seed. All I can say is WOW FUCKING WOW! Has anyone else gotten a seed from them that tastes and smells exactly like limeade? The buds are smallish hard and compact, extremely fuzzy and fruity as fuck! I think I lucked out...