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  1. SCJedi

    Design for 24 x 9

    Room is narrow and long. Technically 24.5 x 9.5 x 9.5. I'd love a 4x8 veg tent at one side and a couple of rolling tables at the other. I have access to some tables but am unsure of the W or L of them yet. Slap any ideas in here that you've got. I'll put up a quick and dirty drawing and...
  2. SCJedi

    Dark Mode

    Please enable some sort of dark mode please. If it exists some instructions for this old stoner would be appreciated.
  3. SCJedi

    2FA Authentication

    Just a note to inform you all that 2FA via app is puking on me. I am unsure if this is systemwide but I was required to use a backup code to get back in and disable it. I tried to recreate another in Authy and it still fails.
  4. SCJedi

    Change theme color

    I like that y'all updated the forum but is there an option for a user to change the UI theme color? I cannot see what text I highlight the shading color of highlighted text is so similar to the background text box color.
  5. SCJedi

    Nute Problem

    Medium: Tupur Drain-to-waste (Blumats) Nutes: Jack 3-2-1 PH: 5.6 PPM: 900 Temp: 64 Day 36 12/12 I have this plant that doesn't want to play nice, Dynasty's Cherry Vanilla Skunk. It sucked in ROLS full term and now it is sucking in DTW inside and looking like the same kind of deficiencies in...
  6. SCJedi

    Sample leaf problem - coco and salts

    Only one plant is doing this but it had a fan blowing directly down on it. 2g pots of pure coco, Jack's 3-2-1, watered with Blumats. For my 27g reservoir I mix 75g-50g-25g. It kinda looks like cal or mag.
  7. SCJedi

    Help Re-amending Coots Mix?

    I was going to amend with Neem, Crab, and Kelp, and MBP. Probably around 1c/cuft of each except for MBP at 1/2C. I'll cover it with fresh Bu' composs and EWC. What else should I add? EM-1? Bokashi? My pots are 30g of coots. 1/3 peat, 1/3 GS-1 aggregate, 1/3 Bu's. My only concern is that...
  8. SCJedi

    Too much Mag with Jack's and salts?

    I'm using Jack's 5-11-26, CalNit, and Epsom at 2.5:2.5:1 for the first time. EC 1.4, PH 5.9. I think that this might be a tad too much of something for some of my Blackwaters. Any other idea what might be causing this? It looks like too much magnesium to me. Anyone?? Here is a healthier...
  9. SCJedi

    All clones removed in Craigslist censor sweep

    My guess is the state must have "mailed them a letter".
  10. SCJedi

    Blumats in 30g Smartpots

    What is a decent setup for a 30-gallon smart pot using their carrots and distribution drippers or tape?
  11. SCJedi

    Elevate a 55G drum for gravity blumats

    Oops! At least it dumped onto the lawn!
  12. SCJedi

    Power Generation for Conex

    Cousin just for a 8x20 to put on his dirt. He wants to light it up. Anyone have a power estimation worksheet I can use to give him an idea of how big of a genny to get?
  13. SCJedi

    Scott's Miracle Gro Buys Sunlight Supply for $450m
  14. SCJedi

    AC/Dehuey for 5x5

    I have a 5x5 tent and can honestly say I'm not accustomed to using this amount of space. Its small size is certainly testing my experience boundaries. I live in an area that had 40+ days above 100F last year and my tent is in an uninsulated garage so easily add 20 degrees to the hottest temps...
  15. SCJedi

    How to keep multiflow lines flat on ground

    I've done DWC and NFT a bunch but I scored a multiflow system where I needed to replace the tubing in between pots. I bought some new hydrofarm soft tubing but it doesn't like to lie flat on the ground preventing uneven fills. I dont want to put a weight on every raised line. I thought about...
  16. SCJedi

    Help with ID of problem

    Huh, I used to be the one in here answering folks questions but this one has me stumped a bit. All pics are of the same plant. The first two are from last Wednesday. Zoom in to see tons of small bumps and both sides of the leaf. No visible bugs or eggs. The final pic is from today and...
  17. SCJedi

    Jedi's Outdoor Silver Seed Project

    OK, These have girls started under fluorescents and have been outside for about 2 and a half or 3 weeks. They are submissive participants in my current seed project. 30 gallon smart pots Soil: Ocean Forest (I lined the pots with a couple inches of hydroton) Water: Hydrologic Small Boy with...
  18. SCJedi

    Nutrients for seed production

    This is my first "seed only" crop. My plan is to reverse sex (using silver) on one strain that everyone really likes and put four strains around it in a ring and allow nature to chuck away. So only 5 plants total. I'm using 30G smart pots and Ocean Forest to begin and amend from there. I...
  19. SCJedi

    First Cross (UW x UW)

    I've had this clone only strain for years and wanted a way to preserve it without dishing it off to trusted folks who end up bailing on it's less than stellar yield. I bought some colloidal silver from amazon, put it in a spray bottle and sprayed a UW bitch every day of 12/12 for about 3-4...