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  1. UpstateGarden

    4 plant grow.

    Here's my plants. Refuse to post in any section but LED lighting, since I'm a huge believer in it. 3 closest ones are Blue Dream and the one in the back is Girl scout cookies from seed supreme. Approaching week 2 flower.
  2. UpstateGarden

    Should I defoliate?

    Basically just flipped to flowering cycle. The plant on the right is a mutant which developed multiple tops on its own. Some lower leaves don't look ready to flower, should I pinch those off?
  3. UpstateGarden

    In soil, 150w LED

    Nextlight 150h... here are my plants. Do you guys think they would grow faster with a higher wattage light?
  4. UpstateGarden

    Co2 burner, could it help

    Title says it all. Haven't heard much about co2 burners on here, so I wanted to have a discussion. Anyone actually use one?
  5. UpstateGarden

    I cut off fan leaves

    Will she regrow. Removed fan leaves on main stem but now it looks infantile. Also, how much would a CO2 burner help...?
  6. UpstateGarden

    strain for home

    if you guys could recommend a good strain to grow at home i would appreciate it. sativas, fast flowering, mold resistant are all qualities that mean something to me. I need it for my health. needs to be on so i can order it, unless you will send me seeds to use.
  7. UpstateGarden

    ISO sativa strain

    Need really good sativa (hybrid) that’s easy to grow. Any suggestions? Provide pics if possible. No height limit, no time limit.
  8. UpstateGarden

    Topping autoflowers

    Does the same general rule “at the 3rd node or above” apply to autoflowers?
  9. UpstateGarden

    In hydro

    What happens if the roots outgrow the net pot?
  10. UpstateGarden

    Seed starting

    How does some thing like this peat pellet Compare to these Rockwool cubes for seed starting?
  11. UpstateGarden

    Discuss my grow

    I have been growing for 2 years. I believe I have developed some useful techniques. I have had 2 or more crops succumb to mold. So with mold being my major competitor what are some things you can comment on for my progress? I like coco. I like Aeroponic cloning. I have grown in tents and in the...
  12. UpstateGarden

    400GPH/30L Aerocloner

    Here’s my creation. 12 nozzles, 15 clone sites. Appears to function well
  13. UpstateGarden


    I'm not an affiliate with the company in any way, I'm simply a turboklone advocate and supporter. Post any pictures of your success with a turboklone I have a 24 site turboklone and am fully convinced that if it isn't the best cloner available then it is a sure way of getting many clones...
  14. UpstateGarden

    finding dry buds on live plants

    I just found a dried bud on my outdoor Durban poison and its the best bud ive had in a while. anyone else experience surprises like this or is this like a rarity?
  15. UpstateGarden


    I request this thread to be deleted by admins because I posted my question in another thread. Thank you