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  1. unohu69

    Lighting Question 2-600w HPS or 3-400w CMH In Flower

    have a 1k HPS, and its doing ok, but its obvious i need 2 lights to effectively cover the area. I want to go with CMH bulbs, but since they are unavailable for 600w ballasts, i was thinking about using 3 400's to be able to utilize the awesome CMH bulbs. Im unsure if the bulbs will be as...
  2. unohu69

    Got Lights??? I imagine they were going for the correct spectrum, and Porche lights grow faster than cheapy imports... In the last week of October, the headlights of about 20 Porsche Panameras and Cayennes were stolen in...
  3. unohu69

    Quick question on plant ripeness

    Well, I was doing a trich check and found a seed pod, it looked nice and plump, right at the base of a nugg. i picked it and found a nice ripe seed. looks like i could plant it today and it would grow. Now, my question is, if the seed is ripe, is that any indication as to how done the buds...
  4. unohu69

    Doomsday Seedvault

    Im sure I heard they have cannabis seeds in the vault, but how many different strains do you think they should store? maybe we should get a petition going or something so they expand the selection. i dont know, just a thought, what say you?
  5. unohu69

    Vegetative Light Leaks ??

    Hey guys/gals... Im wondering if anyone has seen any negative effects of light leaks during the veggy stage? Currently running 18/6, but I may have a small leak or two in the veggy chamber. I know light leaks during flower is considered bad due to hermies, but what about during the veg stage?
  6. unohu69

    WTF is wrong with this plant ??

    OK, first I dont know if there is a general thread to ask about plant issues. Maybe that is an idea for a sticky or something ? 4 gallon pot, promix/perlite mix. generally feed a Dyna-Gro mix, with Protekt, Grow/Bloom. mostly been leaving out the Bloom lately. I also add in a little...
  7. unohu69

    Great Scott, Now We Got Ninjas to Worry About!!! WEST COVINA (CBS) — A medical marijuana deliveryman was still shaken up on Monday after what he described as a robbery by two men allegedly dressed as ninja warriors...
  8. unohu69

    A Small Question for the Forum ????

    Hey all, I was wondering if someone could instruct me on how to put a line through a word in a post. I think it helps to convey a thought process probably missed with out it. Like if i wanted to put cannabis instead of weed, i want to put a line through weed, to signify crossing it out. I...
  9. unohu69

    Dyna-gro & Nutrient PPM Test Results

    I was curious what my PPM's are running because i dont have a meter. So I borrowed a buddys last night and wanted to do a couple tests. here are my results. I figure this might help out people who, like me just need some baseline numbers to work with. The test consisted of 3 separate gallons of...
  10. unohu69

    The Awakening (THRIVE) If you only watch one thing today, This Should Be It

    Most will not bother, its to bad, there are some amazing information talking points in this. Most will want to say asleep. The first 1/2hr is the slowest, but is setting up the rest of the information.
  11. unohu69

    Local Strains Only What U Got ??

    NOT for any seedhouse seed stock grows. With the more recent availability of mail order seeds this is becoming much more common to have the name brands available. This is for strains/variety's that are known in your region. They might be a name brand, but nobody really knows where they came...
  12. unohu69

    its 4:20 spark em if ya got em...

    Just what it says Sit back and hold your breath, just let nature take effect A warm glow inside my bones The touch of velvet rubbed against my soul Thoughts of things you've always known Thoughts of things you've always known Break through and...
  13. unohu69

    Procrastination 101

    I have had a new toilet valve assembly sitting here for almost idk 8 weeks? The thing is its not really a big inconvenience,it fills fine just doesnt shut off. the thingy broke. Gotta wedge a stick in there to make it stop. I gotta shut the water main off cuz there isnt a shutoff at the toilet...
  14. unohu69

    Another Lighting Question, About configuration

    I have a hood made up for my box, 30" long. IN it are 2 100w HPS, and 1 175w MH in the middle. they are all hanging vertically. My question is, Should I move the light so they attach to the side and are in a horizontal position. I was thinking I could mount the 100w HPS to side panels I have...
  15. unohu69

    Would you move them....

    Im not a social person, and that extends to family. if they were coming to visit on a spur of the moment notice, would you entrust your babies to a friend who could take them in? or would you prefer to stash em somehow for the duration of the situation?? Keep in mind they may have a better...
  16. unohu69

    We Are Gathered Here Today.....

    Spark up your favorite spice, and thank your creator or the mathematical universe we live in for the herb which we all enjoy...... been tokn on a little bubble H this morning, and I just thought wouldnt it be wonderful if we all just had a pause this fine sunday morning. Im not a religious...
  17. unohu69

    create a strain contest question

    i tried posting in the contest section, but I am lowly and have no permission. and much like the government, the board doesnt care im a freeman...:wall: :idea: anyways, cant the prize just be store credit, or a prepaid credit card? then what I do with it wont be your...
  18. unohu69

    Any good online contests to win free shit??

    I got one for a million in cash an prizes.... in todays economy bout the same odds really you just as likely to win as to get a job hahahah ;-)
  19. unohu69

    Got Ripped.Burn in HELL u Bastard/s, May every bag you buy henceforth be pinched from

    Title pretty much says it all.... the worse part isnt losing the smoke, its knowing you cant grow there anymore.... fukin good soil, but at least it wasnt choice smoke, super fluffy, they r so stupid theyll probly trim it all to death anyways. you fukin priks. Hopefully karma takes her revenge...
  20. unohu69

    A little help with strain id please..

    First im not expecting a definitive id, just something to put me a little closer to the ballpark. thanx guys.