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  1. GreatwhiteNorth

    E Bike input

    Ok, so far this is one that is leading the pack in my choices. Lemme have it, what do you cycling aficionado's say? I don't plan on any rides over 8-10 ish miles so I don't think that's gonna be an issue. I'm 6'2", 200 lb with a 34.5" inseam. Hit me with it, what don't you like...
  2. GreatwhiteNorth

    Slaughter bots.

    This is some sick technology that looks very feasible & terrifying. I'm sure it is in or past the development process.
  3. GreatwhiteNorth

    Vacation !!

    Looking for some suggestions for a vacay spot in February. All inclusive is a must - preferably a resort with multiple dining options & drinks. Went to Jamaica a couple of years ago & had a blast but am looking for another passport stamp. Belize? Panama? etc.... Looking for diving, fishing...
  4. GreatwhiteNorth

    Serena Williams

    Unfortunately she had to drop out of the French Open but she looks to be going strong at Wimbledon and I'm rooting for her to take the Women's Singles.
  5. GreatwhiteNorth

    What the heck is that?

    A simple game, sorta like "I Spy" only you get to guess what an object is. Go.
  6. GreatwhiteNorth

    Home security - vid system

    Ok, who's got one? The Meth & Horse problem is not getting better here & we recently lost our "Big boy" Security system. Just got a new "Little boy" system but he's not into security mode just yet so I'm looking into cameras & seeking advice from knowledgeable folk. Have been looking at the...
  7. GreatwhiteNorth

    Cannabinoids and Epilepsy

    No known medical benefits my ass. By Ben Hirschler LONDON (Reuters) - An experimental cannabis-based drug has successfully treated children with a rare form of severe epilepsy in a keenly anticipated clinical trial, more than doubling the value of its maker GW Pharmaceuticals. The study of...
  8. GreatwhiteNorth

    Alaskan Bush People fans

    Sorry to break this to you, but we've been telling you these inbred idiots aren't really Alaskans all along. Alaskan Bush People' stars' plea agreement rejected by judge A Juneau Superior Court judge today rejected a plea deal that would have allowed stars of the "Alaskan Bush People" series...
  9. GreatwhiteNorth

    Well, well - what do we have here?

    So I get one of the orange package notifications in the mailbox a couple of days ago & I finally get around to going to the post office. It just so happens it's just me and two postal workers (both of whom I know well) and I give the slip to the gal & off into the back she goes. As I'm...
  10. GreatwhiteNorth

    (Real) Babies in the house

    Damn. Mrs GWN and myself have been empty nesters for too many years to be very flexible. Now, all the sudden we have a couple of kids in the house due to our daughters med conditions & she had to go out of town for Dr. appointments & the little dudes are beside them selves with anguish (Mommy's...
  11. GreatwhiteNorth

    We're number ONE !

    Lol. Around 7% of the 18-and-over population in the U.S. uses marijuana. Well, they fall into the category of those who have used the substance over the past month at least. But, in some states, use is much higher than that 7% nationwide rate. Based on the most recent data from the Substance...
  12. GreatwhiteNorth

    A really bad day for the Dread Pirate Roberts

    Silk Road creator found guilty on all counts A jury has ruled Ross Ulbricht, the 30-year-old who founded the black market website Silk Road, guilty on all counts. The FBI arrested Ulbricht in a sting operation in October 2013 accusing him of being the criminal mastermind running Silk Road...
  13. GreatwhiteNorth

    Damn it - we just lost Joe Cocker.

    Joe Cocker, the singer and songwriter with hits that include “You Are So Beautiful” and "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong," has died of lung cancer, his agent, Barrie Marshall, confirmed to FOX411. Cocker was 70 years old. “Joe Cocker is a legendary artist of rock and blues history and yet he...
  14. GreatwhiteNorth

    Bob Marley

    Bob Marley, the reggae king of cannabis, may soon have his own line of pot Fortune Tom Huddleston Jr. 6 hrs ago Reggae legend Bob Marley was known to be a fan of marijuana. Now, a marijuana-focused venture capital firm is trying to bank on that tight relationship. Privateer Holdings...
  15. GreatwhiteNorth

    Rude people Suck

    So I go into a large chain store to pick up a prescription for my wife this afternoon and I think, hey we need dog food too so I pick up a 50 lb bag & proceed through check out. Upon exiting the store I see a little subaru or something next to my truck, a younger asian dude in the driver seat...
  16. GreatwhiteNorth

    High school debate Tactics: Argumentum ad absurdum

    Sound familiar ? There's at least two persons on this forum that know what this means. I am one of them, however I do not employ it as a strategy. See if you can spot the other that utilizes it at every opportunity. Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: "reduction to absurdity"; pl.: reductiones ad...
  17. GreatwhiteNorth

    So where did you hang while RIU was T/U ?

    I admit I played around at a few competitors sites. But to be honest they didn't feel right - I like being around my buddies (and buddie"ettes"). So spill it, where did you go ?
  18. GreatwhiteNorth

    Costa Rica, One heck of a surprise . . . ~

    Mrs GWN and I decided well over a year ago to quit waiting and plan a Lifetime adventure for ourselves and many possible exotic destinations came up. We looked into Java, Fiji, Tahiti and several South Pacific vacation spots and after seeing pictures of Costa Rica posted by Scooby, (neither of...
  19. GreatwhiteNorth

    January 7th ~ Merry Christmas

    We have a large Russian Orthodox population know as the "Old Believers" whom celebrate Christmas tomorrow. It is an interesting and joyous time of year for them. Merry Christmas my friends.
  20. GreatwhiteNorth

    Carbon filter Re-activation

    Has anyone had any experience Re-activating carbon filters ? The typical process is to wash said filter with a bit of (dish?) soap & then heat to around 200 deg F for several hours. I might try this, but they're too long to fit in the oven. Thoughts ?