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  1. Psyphish

    2x315w CDM, coco coir, TGA, Bodhi, Moxie

    Strains: TGA - The Void, Bodhi - More Cowbell, Moxie - Goji Glue & Diamond Cookies Grow Space: Homebox Evolution R120 (120x90x185cm) Lights: 2 x 315w CDM Grow medium: Coco coir, party cups and later 6.5l square pots Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients pH-perfect Sensi Coco Grow and Bloom Ventilation...
  2. Psyphish

    Grandaddy White Micro LED coco grow

    Grandaddy White LED Micro cab Greetings. This will be my first grow journal on this site, and also the first test of my new micro grow cab which I still need to add some finishing touches to. The grow will take place in the wooden cabinet (W75cm, H75cm, D40cm) that I've lined with Orca film...