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  1. bluesdad

    Blue Dream or crosses

    Yesterday I had the chance to try some Blue Dream.It was some tasty bud.Soaring high yet very relaxing at the same time.My buddy scored the bud in CA .I want to find the closest I can to the BD in seed form.Cali Conn has the Blue Dream Haze but they want over $20 a seed.I know one of my RIU...
  2. bluesdad

    Lemon Cookies x Fireballs

    First off ,much thanks to JoeDank for letting me test these seeds.I dropped 5 of them in soil on the 29th.they were above soil yesterday. All in 16 oz cups of recycled organic soil.right now they are under 3 23wt 6500 cfls.I'll post updates weekly.
  3. bluesdad

    Ghetto tub and closet grow

    Welcome to my little stash perpetual soil grow.Shit,suppers done and the old lady's calling.b back in a few
  4. bluesdad

    Greenpoint seeds Stardawg x Monster cookies

    Got these 3 beans for a few MC x White master kush.dropped in shot glass and all 3 sank in 1 day.paper toweled em and 2 popped quick .the other one popped the next day.I'm hoping to get at least one female cuz I'm gonna need it.It's hard to find anything decent in the winter months around...
  5. bluesdad

    Nijiiiberry from Sub Rosa gardens

    This is a cross of DJ.Short's 97 blue(funks cut) x ndnguy's 88 G-13/HP.vegged 1 month under about 200 watts cfl in half gallon pots.flipped 6-7 .repotted into 2.5 gal pots with recycled organic soil and worm castings.they are around 3 weeks from showing sex.very healthy plants throughout...
  6. bluesdad

    Flaming Cookies!

    Has anyone else smoked/grown this strain.I had to quit puffin for a while but just started back.These FC's are potent as a mofo.I smoked a little joint and was almost tripping literally.Is it that strong or have I become a lightweight.Shout out to Green Ghost 420
  7. bluesdad

    Burmese Kush

    I was lucky enough to get a feminised seed from a friend and wondering what to expect as far as flower time\yield.quality of smoke.had alot of others to choose from but the old lady liked saying Burmese so much I picked it.
  8. bluesdad

    looking for pure indica strain ,possibly Hindu Kush,pure kush

    I am looking for a pure indica strain in seed form that is good for MS.I am helping my bro and a few others in his support group that are in bad shape and use mj to help with the symptoms of MS and epilepsy and other terminal cancers.I have relied on my fellow RIU family members that have shared...
  9. bluesdad

    sex question !

    hey everybody,i was wondering if you flip a plant into 12/12 to find out the sex and then put ir back into veg,does this have have any adverse reactions on growth or yield?i usually just do it with clones but i dont have room this time.
  10. bluesdad

    14er Genetics Tangerine Sandies

    First off I'd like to thank Homebrew for this masterpiece,Super easy to grow,loves nutes,grown in recycled organic soil in 5 gal bucket under 300 watts of mixed cfl and sunlight.grew to about 4 feet topped once.she yielded over 3 oz. dry of really citrus ,stanky frosty dense nuggets.Its a...
  11. bluesdad

    gorilla glue

    Does anybody know where to find the GG in seed form or a good cross?
  12. bluesdad

    Good strain for MS patients

    I have a brother with MS that needs a strain that can help with his pain and help him with nausea.I don't have alot of money to spend so i can't afford some breeders seeds.
  13. bluesdad

    Bluesdad's Monster Cookies X White Master Kush grow

    These seeds are from Gu @Greenpoint Seeds...Ok,started germing 2 on 1-2.they had tails within 24 hrs.planted in recycled soil in solo cups and placed in veg tote under 92 watts of cool CFL.Checked on em this morning and they have popped through the soil.I'll throw up some pics in a few.
  14. bluesdad

    Jesus OG X Scotts OG

    These beans were gifted to me by a fellow RIU member.The plant grew vigorously and was easy to grow.I'll probably give her another week before the chop.Then do a detailed grow and smoke report.Thanks FL Keys for everything bro
  15. bluesdad

    WTF is goin on with my babies?

    My Scott'sOG x JesusOG girls just started flower and something bad has started happening with em.all flowering parts are getting crinkly looking.I don't know if it could be where a couple weeks ago I gave them Fox Farm hydroponic concentrate on accident.They are in soil too.the bottles look the...
  16. bluesdad

    illuminati seeds

    Has anyone else grown his strains?I got a Chem104 and OGHaze#1.they are easy to grow,vigorous,both reek ,if indoors your whole house stinks.Wife made me move em outside.both finish around 8-9 weeks,the high from the chem104 is powerful,hits you behind your eyes,my ears were hot,soaring for the...
  17. bluesdad

    Bluesdad's closet cfl grow

    I just germinated 2 JesusOg x Scott'sOG and 2 BrightBerryCookies using the paper towel method.all 4 popped within 24 hours.For now they are in 4x 6 inch pots til they're ready for repotting.I am using cfl this time around due to heat/space issues.they're sharing the closet with a few other...
  18. bluesdad


    Has anybody tried these beans?They got some good sounding strains and the prices are affordable
  19. bluesdad

    HSO Sour Blueberry

    Strain-Sour Blueberry From HSO Nutes-Bio-buzz Veg and bloom,molasses in late flower. Yield-71 grams Smell-this bud has a very potent funk to it,kinda like a sweaty armpit with a lil blueberry jam rubbed in it. overpowered all others in the room. Taste-after 2 weeks curing it has a real sweet...
  20. bluesdad

    Wrinkled Leaves

    I have this BP 7 weeks vegging about to start flowering naturally outside.2 weeks ago I noticed the top of the plant was getting wrinkled Leaves!!I put it in a larger pot but In not sure that was the problem.This bitch grew weird with no branches,all the others around it grew fine. I'm bout to...