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    Boy or girl question

    Hello, My plant is 4 weeks old in vegetation. I can see something on the top node but i am not sure is this male or female. It seems like calyx but no hairy things yet. What do you think? And another question can i switch to early flowering right now before i show it's gender? (i have a...
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    Male or Female

    Hi folks, I have two plants, I wonder if they show their sex yet? They both in their 4th week of veg. What do you think? First plant: Second plant:
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    Is it boy or girl?

    Hello friends, My plant is almost 6 weeks old in vegetation. I am trying to figure out it's gender. Seems like there is little ball like things but they also raindrop shaped. Do you think pistils will come out from them? Are they balls or just preflowers? What do you guys think? Thank you :)