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  1. LewberDewber852

    Removing lower growth

    So do y’all think it’s best to remove leaf and offshoot or just off shoots while removing lower growth for airflow and manicure?
  2. LewberDewber852

    Increasing light week 5 of flower

    I am thinking of increasing my light schedule to 24 hrs because of humidity issues. Lights on, dehumidifier in my lung room I am between 50-55 rh. Lights out it jumps up to 70. I currently run 18/6. Should I be concerned with herming?
  3. LewberDewber852

    Cucumber beetle/other pest preventatives

    Last year we had quite a bit of cucumber beetles in our large in ground beds and was wondering what is best for prevention? Companion planting or Products?
  4. LewberDewber852

    Lung Tent?

    Has anybody created a lung tent to supplement their grow tent? I live in an old farm house and have huge variables in my lung rooms depending on season.. 4 seasons make it all that much more difficult and a pain. Closet was great in winter, bad in the summer.. Set-up a tent in the basement...
  5. LewberDewber852

    Lady Bug Orgy @ Club Gelato

    Gotta get on the structure so I can drop the top if nature decides to dump another 12” of rain in 48 hrs
  6. LewberDewber852

    Tomatoes Are Neat

    So about a week ago I snapped a branch while LST’ing my Maters. I taped it up and the leafs perked right back up the next day. Yesterday afternoon I found the whole branch laying on the ground and noticed the snap never fused itself back together. I pulled the tape off and found roots growing...
  7. LewberDewber852

    Trellis Tunnel For Cucumbers!

    Assembled this with some stakes, zip ties, ld fencing I had laying around the yard! It definitely feels nice to walk through! Don’t pick on the overgrowth and lack of landscaping around it. Haven’t gotten to it yet bongsmilie
  8. LewberDewber852

    Excuse Me Bugggg. But imma need your I.D.

    Is this one of dem aphids? Checked google. Looked close and assume it may be but ya know what they say…:dunce: There are some small black ants (which lived in the soil previously) fuckin squatting laws ya know? The black ants showed up when I snapped a branch…. SCROG’ing, and used honey/med tape...
  9. LewberDewber852

    Domestic Abuse??

    Had a bag seed from some “Pineapple Express” and she has shown so I planted her in an old horseshoe pit. I dug out the sand and put some healthy lookin dirt I found out back (presumed to be old scooping a from the previous owners chicken coop) Regardless, fun little experiment, and that dirt...
  10. LewberDewber852

    Give it too me gently, nah F**K it I like it Rough (Advice Needed)

    Hey so I’m on my 2nd indoor run with these seeds I got from Growers Choice. Grape Ape, Critical Kush (“bonus seeds”), gelato. I am looking for some much needed advice, tips, constructive criticism, wisdom….. History- 1st run I kept em short and sweet. The flower came out great and after curing...
  11. LewberDewber852

    SCROG in raised bed

    I started these girls from seed on March 29th using FF Ocean Blend. I transplanted these into the garden bed on May 15th. They shocked pretty good but seem to be better know. But would love to hear Critiques and gain some knowledge from other growers! This is my first time SCROG so I’m not sure...