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    Build Your Own Grow Kit Now

    Have you struggled with matching a grow tent with the equipment you need? Not sure which fan is right for your tent size or what size light you need to cover all your plants? We've got your back We are releasing the VIVOSUN DIY Build Your Grow Kit page on our website that walks you through...
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    VIVOSUN Labor Day Giveaway-Win What You Want

    Hey gromies, happy Labor Day! In honor of all the hardworking growers, we bring you this "Win What You Want" Giveaway. Join us for the chance to win your favorite product! Simple to enter: 1. Follow @VIVOSUN Official 2. Like this post 3. Tag 3 friends who also love growing, and visit our Amazon...
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    VIVOSUN x Klarna: Make your Orders Easier

    VIVOSUN now accepts Klarna! Klarna is a financing app that helps break up large payments into smaller, manageable parts. We’re happy to be cooperating with Klarna to make big purchases easier for our customers. Shop now. Pay with Klarna.
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    VIVOSUN Clearance Sale--Up to 70% Off

    :weed:VIVOSUN Clearance Sale--Up to 70% Off:weed: :weed:Valid Time: August 15-August 22:weed: Shop Now:
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    It 's time to try VIVOSUN Smart Grow System!!!

    Woohoo! The much-anticipated AeroLight & GrowHub controller giveaway is coming! Wanna experience our award-winning LED grow light? Join us to start the automatic growing journey. One lucky friend will get AeroLight, GrowHub Controller & gift box. Simple to enter: 1. Follow @vivosun.official 2...
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    Its time to tell you about our new look.

    VIVOSUN has a new look! We’ve been working hard on our rebrand and we’re really happy with how it is coming along. We believe our new look better represents our commitments to our core values and our brand pillars, which can be found on our website. Our rebrand helps our image match our brand...
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    VIVOSUN Post Prime Day Sale--Up to 30% Off

    VIVOSUN Post Prime Day Sale Get the Prime Exclusive Discounts from Jul 21 to Jul 31 :leaf:Up to 30% Off !!!:leaf: Choose What You Love Now:
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    VIVOSUN AeroWave 6 inch Clip-On fan is now back in stock!

    Good news everyone! The AeroWave 6 inch Clip-On fan is now back in stock! It features our patented square-shaped rubber padding that keeps your fan securely attached to whatever surface you clip it to. The AeroWave is fully adjustable with 80° horizontal and 120° vertical oscillation and uses a...
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    VIVOSUN Prime Day Giveaway+Up to 60% Off Discount

    :leaf:VIVOSUN Giveaway and Super Discount for Prime Day, Up to 60% Off on VIVOSUN Amazon Store is coming!!!:leaf: Prize: VS3000*1 VS1500*1 Valid Period: 11 Jul-25 Jul Rules: Follow @VIVOSUN Official +Like this thread 1. Take a photo or choose your favorite photo that shows why you Love...
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    Happy 4th! Get Limited 15% Off Now!

    Happy 4th! We've prepared a 24-hour sale - 15% off with the code "GROWFREE15" on VIVOSUN. Perfect time to pick up all the equipment that your grow space is missing. It’s not often we’re able to offer such a good deal, so come to get it while it lasts, just on July 4th! And we wish you the very...
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    VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us

    Hi farmers, Are you an indoor grower? How long have you been growing indoors? What kind of growing products do you want? In order to provide our customers with better products. We hope you can fill out the survey form: VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us And then we will also select...
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    VIVOSUN New Product--AeroLight

    Total airflow and lighting control in one device. The AeroLight is the first-ever fully automatable LED grow light system that integrates a circulation fan so your plants always get cool, fresh air. Powerful, programmable, and perfect for your plants.
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    Ready to meet the future?

    They have arrived! The AeroLight, The GrowHub Controller and App, and the AeroZesh are here! We are so happy to announce our next generation of devices for the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, the all-in-one system for automated growing, and we want you to join us on this journey! We're offering...
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    VIVOSUN Newly-released HCF3200 LED Grow Light, Designed for Quality Growing

    Description: VIVOSUN 320W LED Grow Light, 2 x 4 FT. LED Plant Light with Samsung Diodes and Sunlike, Full-Spectrum Light for Growing Indoor Plants, Seedlings, Vegetables, and Flowers. Sunlike, Full-Spectrum Lighting: This grow light provides optimal full-spectrum coverage including 3000K...
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    Start Your Hydroponic Garden with VIVOSUN DWC Hydroponic System Kit

    Description: Complete DWC Hydroponic Kit: This kit contains everything you need to start your hydroponic garden; 4x 5-gallon hydroponic buckets; 4x 8-inch baskets; 4x drip irrigation sets; 1x air pump; 8x air tubes; 4x air stones; 1x divider; 4x clay pebbles packs; 4x visual water level...
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    VIVOSUN #LoveWhatYouGrow Giveaway: Share Your Best Photo & Win Huge Prizes

    Hey everyone! Big news! We’re hosting a new competition on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: We want to see your best photographs!:wink: The competition is easy—take a photo or choose your favorite photo that shows why you Love What You Grow, post it on your social media with the #LoveWhatYouGrow...
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    VIVOSUN Daily Survey!

    We wanna know more about you, growers! Check on it
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    VIVOSUN Upgraded Gray Grow Tent, Providing the Perfect Growing Conditions for Plants

    Hello guys, VIVOSUN newly releases the upgraded gray grow tent series, which brings more fashion to your daily growing life. Description: 100% High Reflectivity: High-density 600D Oxford fabric prevents light leakage and keeps your growing area well-insulated; The interior walls, ceiling...
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    VIVOSUN Grow Tent Discussion

    Hello guys, In basic terms, a grow tent is a tent used specifically to grow plants. Grow tents, also called grow rooms, are collapsible tents that allow you to grow your plants indoors. With a grow tent, you can create a garden ecosystem that’s separated from the rest of your indoor space...