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  1. 7CardBud

    How much is too much Sulphur in solution?

    I had a realization that the 25# bag of Jack's Finish would be enough for the rest of my life...and would have some left over to fertilize some flowers around my grave if I only used it for the final 10 days of flower. So, I got some Calnit and Growmore micros and planned on using it for my...
  2. 7CardBud

    Hydroponic-Research Shine =100% Bunk?

    I ran out of blossom boost so I had to grab something quick at the local shop. The owner had all his Hydro Research on the clearance table because he was dropping them. I got a pound for $10 I popped it open and it smelled off for a fert. After mixing it there was a good amount of course...
  3. 7CardBud

    When did the honeymoon phase wear off?

    It's new relationship time, you just started growing and you want to give your babies all the love they deserve. Time and money is of no object. You buy every high end gimmicky thing you think they need to flourish.....Enyzyme Boost(aka Cespool Treatment), Hardon Bud Blaster and a bottle of...
  4. 7CardBud

    Need help correcting and buffering low Ph peat soilless mix for outdoor grow.

    Mix is: 5-bails of 3.8 CuFt. compressed peat 8 CuFt. perlite 4 CuFt vermiculite 12 lbs. dolamite I have been keeping runoff pretty close to 1.3EC using well water with Jack's Tap and a little epsoms. Right now I have the mom in a 30 gallon bag and the rest in 3.5 Gallon buckets. Growth has...
  5. 7CardBud

    Which Jack's for outdoor in Promix?

    I'm looking at Peat Lite 20-10-20 and the Jack's Nutrients 18-8-23 Outdoor. The Peat lite looks like a good blend, but I can't read the blurry label they have linked for Outdoor. It looks like it might be all ammonium and more geared for soil grows.
  6. 7CardBud

    Buffering peat bales.

    Does anyone know about how much pulverized dolamite it would take to buffer a 3 cuft, compressed bale of peat to a pH of 6 for a soilless grow?
  7. 7CardBud

    MA law on barter and trade.

    I'm pretty sure I have read all the documentation on that covers the distribution of cannabis products. The sections on selling and gifting were outlined. They reworked the gifting part so people couldn't sneak a deal in with something else and gifts have to be genuine gifts without...
  8. 7CardBud

    Who makes a good high range EC meter.

    I need a meter that can read to about 25,000 µS
  9. 7CardBud

    Advice selling a home with a framed grow room in a legal state.

    The last time I was in the housing market everything was fully criminalized. I'm not sure how to market the house now that it's legal. There may still be much more stigma than acceptance. I'm not sure if I should gut it and use what I can for the new place. Leave it and put some shit in there...
  10. 7CardBud

    H&G Top Booster

    I got a sample the other day and was wondering why they only recommend one week of use. Is it just a plain PK booster or are there some other hidden shenanigans hidden in the bottle?
  11. 7CardBud

    Vinegar solution to prevent mold.

    I had an old mom that was getting tired and developed some mold. I tossed her out, but I want to do a preventative treatment to the rest of my plants. What would be a good dilution of 5% vinegar as a general treatment for plants?
  12. 7CardBud

    Anyone use Bio-Genesis Synergy

    I wound up with two quarts of this stuff and was contemplating using it. My guess is it's something like Superthrive. I was wondering if anyone knew what's in it and if it's good for full cycle or just veg. Synergy (
  13. 7CardBud

    Cleared out an orchid greenhouse during an estate sale and found some oddball stuff.

    [Brag section and heads up for other growers] I just got a nice haul from an estate sale. Picked up an unused generator and chipper shredder that I paid a fair price for. After that I started poking around the greenhouse and nearby storage shed. I asked the sales rep about all the grow goodies...
  14. 7CardBud

    QB 288 Circuit Diagram

    Boring rainy day day so I cleaned all my lights and took a look at my QB288 with the loop. 8 Circuits per board 400mA max @ ~52.85V per circuit.
  15. 7CardBud

    What items should be in every growers toolbox?

    What do feel are some essential and nice to have items in your grow kit? Essentials: Temp/Humidity meters EC Meter PH Meter Nice to have: PAR sensor Multimeter with Amp clamp Soldering Iron Laser Thermometer (my next purchase I think)
  16. 7CardBud

    How much potency do organic based supplements loose over time?

    I know there is no exact answer here. I was wondering if people noticed a large difference in a product's potency after a few years. My bottle of Multizen is about 3 years old, not sure if I should just pitch it or double down on the amount.
  17. 7CardBud

    Clones to Hempy Bucket with Fish Media

    This is just a small little journal to see if I can get well supported roots ready for Hempy in an aero cloner. I always found I had better luck and cloned faster in aero versus rockwool. Rockwool would probably choke the clones out if used in an aero cloner, so I figured I would try some fish...
  18. 7CardBud

    I want to be a plant bartender. Mixing my own liquid supplements.

    I figured I could save a few bux and have a little chemistry fun in the process if I started mixing some of the my more used items. The math part should be fairly straight forward, but I have almost no skill at chemistry what so ever. So if I wanted to start off making my own CalMag I would...
  19. 7CardBud

    [email protected]%! Winter

    As I sit here in my smoky corner with the munchies coming on.....I just realized it's harder for me to find good tomatoes, than good bud.
  20. 7CardBud

    Do you cut your damaged clone leaves?

    After cloning do you cut damaged leaves that don't green back up in a few days or do you give them more time to heal. I usually keep the damaged leaves on to heal. Sometimes it takes a few weeks and they have some dead spots, but they eventually perk up and go for light. This time I cut off...