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    DeSantis sucks

    This is funny. The GOP has been courting Cubans and HIspanics for years with the usual fear mongering about "Marxism". It works very well. DeSantis planned a PR stunt to send immigrants to Pres. Biden's home state of Delaware but had to shelve his plan when it came out that the record number of...
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    Favorite blend?

    This morning I tried a mix of Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch. Started out relaxing then the PP kicked in and I'm feeling energetic and creative. Definitely enhances the Kirkland Morning Blend but not feeling hungry. I will call this my "favorite" because it's the first time I've knowingly...
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    Alex Jones' really bad day.

    I swear you couldn't right a funnier movie script. The AP Twitter headlines are Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones conceded at trial that he now believes the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was "100% real. & The father of a 6-year-old killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting...
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    Ted Lasso moments

    I was enjoying Tropicana Cookies this AM on my front porch watching the sun come up. What a beautiful day. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice my neighbor. She's retrieving her newspaper. We are the only two people awake in the neighborhood and all you can hear are the birds. She's wearing...
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    How many different strains do you normally keep available to smoke?

    I have 4 at the moment but would like more.
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    Don't enlarge the Supreme Court, reduce it.

    Budget cuts. The last 3 hired must go. We'll call you if we need you.
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    McConnell calls dibs on Breyer SCOTUS seat.

    I bet the weasel will try.
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    I think when the news details crimes with video, witness testimony, along with physical & digital evidence they can stop using the adverb "allegedly". The SOB did it, not allegedly did it.
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    Trying to discuss issues with a conservative, I'm speechless.

    This is a Twitter conversation. I'm "Paper Ballots, Plz" Breck Worsham For you on the left who didn't attend law school & remain seemingly confused, the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee the right to own a shot gun for deer hunting. The 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear arms of YOUR...
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    Sorry, originally posted in the general forum. Is this a virus? Plants went crazy. Petioles super long, 3 blade leaves. About 3 weeks into flower.
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    Is this a virus? Plants went crazy. Petioles super long, 3 blade leaves. About 3 weeks into flower.
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    Help with Regalia CG, plz

    Directions state 1.3-2.6 Tablespoons/gallon and prepare no more mixture than is required for immediate use. I have a 4 X 4 with 4 plants in coco/perlite that have been on 12/12 now for 23 days. They're starting to bulk up now. I'd think a quart of mixture would last quite a while for a 4X4...
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    Is this mold?

    Closer macro below. Length of white part is 4 cm Different angle, the green stem of a purple calyx
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    This one started flowering without going in to a 12-hr dark period. Is she a he?
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    Yellow leaves and brown spots in new coco mix.

    Stunted growth (partially by design w light at lowest level while waiting for flower tent). Yellowing as you can see. I lifted the lights and raised the light level a few days ago because the mother clone in the back left started turning purple. She was damaged. I somehow broke the original...
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    "You can lay down your very life" but..

    not before you donate to the Make Trump Force Great Again PAC!
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    None of this would have ever happened under a Hillary administration.

    Just sayin'. Also when Trump says, "Nobody was tougher on Russia than Trump (sic)" I can say I know a guy. His name is Biden.
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    The America First foreign policy was a disaster.

    You can skip my rant but the article from 2019 you should read. It depleted the ranks of some of our finest government personnel. I'm referring to the staff at the State Dept. They are an asset ...or were anyway. It demoralized our allies turning every agreement into a transactional one with a...
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    Who Is "Ignored Member"? His post is listed at the top of the politics forum.

    I think I have 5 of them now in the elite club. They added up quickly lately. What's up with that?
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    OK to substitute surfacant for oil & soap in powdery mildew treatment?

    Any chemists out there? I'm preventing powdery mildew and read that adding vegetable oil and castile soap is optional when using a potassium bicarbonate solution. I'm assuming that the purpose of the soap is to spread the solution evenly. I have a surfacant on hand that I purchased for foliar...