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  1. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Well the flower tent sat empty for two days and that’s two too many for me! Haha. I moved in the Stanky’s, I will call tomorrow day 1 of flower. I also gave everything a good drenching of Safers End All & gave the moms in my veg tent a much needed haircut. On the left it’s #6 from...
  2. Brettman

    over 500 guest and visitors watching

    And some of us are just on turtle mode! Lmao :wink:
  3. Brettman

    Plants grew too High!!!

    Hey dude, this one wasn’t me. Sunni told me to cut it out so I did. I’d really appreciate if you would stop accusing me. Thanks and have a great day.
  4. Brettman

    BK’s shit show

    @bk78 Do you remember how long you flowered the Stanky cut for ?
  5. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    I can’t believe these plants have been flowering for 103 days. I’m going to chop the last three today, too antsy to get these Stanky’s going! My new neighbour came over last night for a beer and brought me a jar of outdoor he grew last year, needless to say it’s going straight into the...
  6. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    FIFY (you were missing a period)
  7. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Well apparently I’m making sock accounts so why not start accusing me of that too eh.
  8. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    This is the last plant I’m waiting on to finish up before I get the Stanky’s going bongsmilie Larf shot:
  9. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Probably one of the fattest buds in my tent ^^^ Going to harvest it tonight.
  10. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

  11. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Strawberry Cough from Hazeman. Still my favourite plant I’ve grown.
  12. Brettman

    Moderation Applications

    @neosapien Your chance is finally here!
  13. Brettman

    Some of you don’t want to admit it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

    Sleep was great actually. Just got to the work site and ready to pound in the metres.
  14. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Seeing as I can’t post pictures your just going to have to take my word for it, my flower tent is packed full of giant donkey dick sized colas absolutely glistening with trichomes and not a single yellow leaf.
  15. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    You’d best believe I just reported the shit out of that post pal.
  16. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Not in my house they won’t. That shits not allowed here :cool:
  17. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Hey guys, just logged on to let you know I’ve been turtled :eyesmoke: I’m actually not even sure what I did wrong to be honest but whatever it is what it is. I should be back in a few weeks with more larf 4 da boys. I’ve got a veg tent PACKED full of Stankasourus clones that I am super...
  18. Brettman

    From Chinada with love

    Yup there’s a shit load of us.
  19. Brettman

    Phlizon Grow Light: Giveaway + 8% off discount here!

    Would love to test / journal a grow with your FD6000. #Phlizon Canada bongsmilie
  20. Brettman

    Is my plant stunted?

    Lmao yeah I read the post lol. Was just fucken around