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  1. Psyphish

    What do you do when you grow too much weed?

    I downscaled and started microgrowing. Tiny plants in tiny containers, inside tiny tents with tiny lights. Still get too much bud and don't even bother trimming most of it, just give it away.
  2. Psyphish

    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    It's just that I grew some in-house genetics (Iced Out) and it was pretty much the frostiest stuff I've grown, but at the same time the weakest I've vaped. Pretty much all newer crosses I've grown in these past few years have been really frosty and loud smelling, but vaping a bowl leaves me...
  3. Psyphish

    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Looks like Instagram weed... Do those trichomes contain cannabinoids?
  4. Psyphish


    Is Seedsman from the UK, I thought they ship from EU? I used to order from Attitude but I haven't bothered after Brexit, I don't want to deal with customs when ordering seeds.
  5. Psyphish

    What are you watching?

    Jeff & Some Aliens. Awesome animated comedy series from 2017 that unfortunately never got a season 2.
  6. Psyphish

    curing make better effect?

    If you're concerned about smoothness and flavours, there's really no beating dry herb vapes.
  7. Psyphish

    Purple Punch not turning purple

    Your seeds aren't stable, that plant will not turn purple.
  8. Psyphish

    In House Genetics Thread

    Trichome coverage isn't always an indicator of potency IME. As I said, both plants were very frosty, but very mild.
  9. Psyphish

    Grove Bags?

    I'd definitely give the bags a try, but they're not available in Europe. Closest I can find are in the UK and it's not worth the hassle.
  10. Psyphish

    In House Genetics Thread

    Grew couple of these, both were really frosty and stinky, but barely got me high. I'm thinking it's the Purple Punch...
  11. Psyphish

    Cookies Fam Genetics

    LVTK is amazing. Some of the best seeds I've popped. Everything else I've tried from Cannaventure has hermed though lol.
  12. Psyphish

    Is Martha's Vineyard a sanctuary city for hypocrites ?

    Rightoid chuds getting ecstatic over an asshole politician wasting 12 million dollars of tax money to kidnap and traffic immigrants from a completely different state.
  13. Psyphish

    Lindsey Graham is leading a National Abortion Ban.

    Lindsey doesn't care about abortion or women because he only has sex with male prostitutes.
  14. Psyphish


    The Mighty only goes to 210 celsius, which IMO isn't enough for extracts. Tinymight 2 goes to 250 celsius.
  15. Psyphish


    Just got my Tinymight 2 yesterday and I'm in love with it. It's such a beautiful looking device and feels great in the hand (organic and has heft). It's also the most powerful handheld vaporizer I've tried and I don't see myself ever needing anything more powerful. Puts all my other vaporizers...
  16. Psyphish

    What Are You Listening To?

    Some smooth jazzy instrumental hip hop.
  17. Psyphish

    Burnt rubber terpene?

    Grew some Cannaventure Gorilla Wreck#4 that smelled like burnt tires.
  18. Psyphish

    Artificial Intelligence Generated ART

    They're teaching the AI using real art so it can steal any style, so is the endgame to put actual artists out of business? Big businesses would probably love not having to hire anyone to design for them. This whole thing reminds me of the NFT shit that idiots were peddling last year, "uh...
  19. Psyphish

    Getting ready to harvest my first grow. Any tips?

    Wow... very sensitive people here.
  20. Psyphish

    Green Crack

    Sure, that's what they say. But if you're looking for active daytime weed then the HSO Green Crack is not it IMO.