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  1. Brettman


    Hey peeps! Been a while since I’ve posted a thread. I’ve got a fosty ass plant I would like to reveg but I think I may have fucked up. I wasn’t thinking and I didn’t leave any bud on it :eyesmoke: Is there any ways to improve the likelihood of it growing again? Like upping the N or...
  2. Brettman

    How much does this weigh ;)

    Just the bud, trimmed and fully dry.
  3. Brettman

    Mars Hydro TSW 2000

    I’m sure this info is out there but I cant really find it. Does anyone know what the overall colour spectrum is ? Like is it 3500k ? I’m seeing a lot of old threads where people are complaining it’s too blue. Here’s a pic of the one I just bought and it looks like it’s using 3000k chips...
  4. Brettman


    I just picked up a tsw-2000 and a Mars Hydro 1m x 1m tent. Got them all set up yesterday, the light was very easy to put together and so was the tent. The tent is actually much nicer then my other 3x3 and the zipper works way better. I’ll be growing various strains, right now if got a...
  5. Brettman

    Brettmans Larf Lab

    Hey guys & gals. I’m starting this journal to keep track of things and occasionally check progress, nothing too serious lol. As always with my journals feel free to comment or criticize all you want ;) Still the same old 3x3 for veg and 2x4 for flower. Also still running Amazon boards, I am...
  6. Brettman

    What is this ?

    First off all thanks for taking the time to help me. I found some dark gray patches on one of my plants today, I immediately cut off the affected leaves but I’m now wondering if it is just a phosphorous deficiency. Temps are 85 lights on 60 lights off, humidity is 20-30%. I flipped 2 weeks...
  7. Brettman

    Hazeman’s KQBF

    Well first of all Merry Christmas! I got a pack of freebies from Hazeman, the strain is called Killer Queen Blowfish. I can’t find much info on it but I’m going to pop all ten of them and see what I get. I grow under 3500k Leds, I’m using half perlite & half MG potting soil (I know it’s...
  8. Brettman


    This is a Strawberry Cough about 6 weeks old, regular not feminized. Flipped to 12-12 about a week ago. Anyone else think this is a hermie ?
  9. Brettman

    Is this a male.

    I’m like 99% sure it’s a male. Just wanted someone to verify before I chuck it. I bought regular seeds for the first time and I’ve had very shitty luck. I think I’ve popped 6 or 7 seeds so far out of 12 and only one female. I’ve had five male and one not germinate :(
  10. Brettman

    2 ACMPR Questions

    First, does anyone know what the wait times are like right now. Second, will I get my original script back? I forgot to make a photocopy. And before anyone says it, yes I realize I can grow more then four and nobody will care...
  11. Brettman

    Blurple Questions

    Got a couple questions, how much wattage is used to power the fans on an average blurple ? Maybe like 10watts ?? I’ve got a couple of these lights, they claim 200w. Just wondering how much of that 200 is actually used...
  12. Brettman

    Bretts Bagseed & Blurples

    I found a single seed in a mixed bag of Purple Power Plant & OG Kush. I hope it turns out to be the Purple Power, it was amazing. I have a mix of blurple lighting in a tiny 1x2X4 veg cab and a 2x4x6 Flower cab. I use MG seedling starter in solo cups then the regular potting mix with perlite...
  13. Brettman

    Are these seeds ?

    Plant is a “Grape God”. 29 days since flip. Overall it doesn’t look very great, it’s starting to foxtail a little bit. But my question is regarding the lower bud sites, a lot of brown pistils and the buds look very weird. I’ve got it with two other plants, they both look decent. I’ve...
  14. Brettman

    Carbon Filters

    So I’m looking for a fan/filter combo on amazon for a 2x4x6 cabinet. Thinking of getting a 6inch. My question is, should I get a 6inch fan and an 8inch filter? It seems like all the combos have the carbon filter 2 inches smaller then the fan. Like sure the filter is 6 inch but the...
  15. Brettman

    Any Ideas On What This Is ?

    Hey guys and gals, any input would be greatly appreciated. Strain : Zkittlez About 25 days old and kind of small -MG organic soil with 25% perlite -200 watt 3500k led @ 24” -Humidity steady at 35-40% -temperatures 15c night / 23c daytime
  16. Brettman

    Is this some sort of burn?

    I’m like 99% I didn’t spill anything on the leaves. Anyone know what this could be ? Literally happened over night.
  17. Brettman

    Mosquito Dunks

    Is it possible to use too much? Literally can’t find this answer anywhere.
  18. Brettman

    Cheap Amazon Light

    Can anyone tell me what chips these are ? Light was advertised as 200watts There’s 192 of them, does that make sense ?
  19. Brettman

    The Ghetto-est Grow Ever

    First of all, all comments/criticism welcome! I was curious what one household bulb could do and searched online but couldn’t find anything, so I figured I’d give it a whirl myself! This grow will be 12-12 from seed (Cannatonic from Resin Seeds) - 2 gallon pot with miracle grow soil -...
  20. Brettman

    How much longer ?

    Breeder says 63-70 days, some sites say 70-77 days. This is day 55 from flip...